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World Book Day 2022, we’re coming for you…

World Book Day costumes - Katniss Everdeen, Harry Potter, Gangsta Granny and Willy Wonka

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Having the intention to create a DIY World Book Day costume is just as good as actually making it – well, it is in our books, anyway. Finding the time to get your sewing machine out of the loft is a job in itself, then going to the shops to buy material is another. Save yourself the faff and buy a World Book Day costume. What's more, ASDA is here to save the day, with costumes all under £15. And Amazon always has a trick up its sleeve, too.

Don’t worry, your kids will get plenty of use out of their costume, especially if you choose their favourite book character. They’ll want to wear it to ALL their classmates' birthday parties, family gatherings and not to mention, Halloween. It can even be popped into the dress-up box for rainy weekends – it’s the perfect way to entertain the kids when you’re scratching your head on what to do.

If this hasn’t convinced you to bag a cheap costume for World Book Day 2022, then the adorable outfits will speak for themselves. But, first here’s some key information you might need to know for the day itself.

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When is World Book Day 2022?

The most exciting literary day of the year lands on Thursday 3 March 2022. So, get your little one's book bag at the ready.

When did World Book Day start?

According to, the first event took place in the UK and Ireland in 1997 - meaning World Book Day is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

What is World Book Day for?

World Book Day was created to promote reading for fun. Today, this message continues as the charity works with authors, illustrators, bookshops and libraries. It also partners with schools, book publishers and booksellers to bring kids the brilliant £1 World Book Day book tokens.

World Book Day 2022: What's the theme?

Every year, World Book Day has a theme - this year it's "You Are A Reader". This theme is focusing on reaching children with disadvantaged backgrounds, meaning access to reading for any child in the world. There's also an extra celebration because it is the 25th Anniversary of World Book Day, too.

Shop ASDA's best World Book Day costumes

All that’s left to do now is to buy a cheap World Book Day costume…

u201c'I know some good games we could play,' said the cat. 'I know some good tricks,' said the Cat in the Hat."

Before Judy Garland and Wicked was created, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum was published all the way back in 1900. It's still a fantastic read for children and a true classic.

If your little one is a fan of the Hey Duggee books, this costume by ASDA is a no-brainer. Plus, it's so darn adorable.

Need some more inspo? Here are Amazon's best World Book Day costumes to buy


Our favourite World Book Day costumes

Mr Stink Costume1 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Mr Stink Costume

This year, help your little one transform into Mr Stink, the main character from David Williams' best selling book. For the best fit, go the size up that way they'll have plenty of room to run around the playground.

Alice in Wonderland Costume2 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Alice in Wonderland Costume

We've often felt like we're falling down the rabbit hole... But, are your kids now starting to discover the magic of Alice in Wonderland? If the answer is yes, then this elegant dress will be fab for World Book Day.

Mr Fox Costume3 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Every child is fantastic, but not everyone can be Fantastic Mr Fox. Plus, what other chance will they get to dress up as their favourite Roald Dahl character?

ngsta Granny Costume4 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Gangsta Granny Costume

Are you down with the kids? Gangsta Granny is... If your kids are obsessed with the David Walliams' book as much as we are, then they'll love dressing up as this iconic character.

Mary Poppins Costume5 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Mary Poppins Costume

A spoonful of sugar won't make this outfit any sweeter. Yep, we went there! And, we think Mary Poppins is an amazing World Book Day costume idea.

Peter Rabbit Costume6 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Peter Rabbit Costume

What child hasn't heard of Peter Rabbit?! It's the book collection you've been reading to them since they were born. And, now they have a chance to become Peter Rabbit for a day, you should make it happen.

Mr Twit Costume7 of 10
CREDIT: Amazon

Mr Twit Costume

You'd be a Mr Twit if you didn't go for this fancy dress for World Book Day...

Harry Potter Pack Gryffindor Robe, Wand and Glasses8 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Harry Potter Pack Gryffindor Robe, Wand and Glasses

Every child wants a letter from Hogwarts in the post... You might not be able to get them a scholarship, but you can make them a witch or wizard for a day in this Harry Potter-inspired getup.

Hunger Games Fancy Dress9 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Hunger Games Fancy Dress

Older kids will volunteer as tribute to be Katniss Everdeen. If they've read The Hunger Games books or watched the film, they'll be obsessed with this powerful protagonist.

Willy Wonka Costume10 of 10
CREDIT: amazon

Willy Wonka Costume

We've got your golden ticket to the best World Book Day costume and it's this fun Willy Wonka costume. What kid doesn't love a book all about chocolate?

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