These £14.99 fluffy slippers are a complete dupe for UGG

Perfect for everyday lounging 😍

Fluffy slippers dupe

by Aimee Jakes |
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2020 has been the year of slowing the f-down.

From collecting loungewear like we once collected Furbys and Disney DVDs (lol) to binge-watching the entirety of Selling Sunset season three IN ONE DAY, we have fully embraced the sloth life.

Remember having a social life? Yeah, us neither.

Say hello to the newest addition to your stay-at-home wardrobe: these £14.99 fluffy slippers which could honestly pass as UGGs.

Public Desire
©Public Desire

Sorry, but imagine gliding around your house in a pair of fluffy sliders? Literally what our WFH dreams are made of.

The sliders are available in grey, pink, black, mint and rainbow(!), so there is a shade out there to suit your vibe.

They are currently available on Public Desire and have been marked down from £29.99 to a very cheerful £14.99.

The UGG pair currently retail at £100, which means a pair from Public Desire will save you a very generous 85 English pounds. Oh go on then.

From pairing with your favourite high-waisted joggers to your err-day dressing gown, the slippers will last you all year round.

Brb, off to collect them all.

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