Is this the smartest dishwasher ever? Discover Haier’s game-changing AI appliance that doesn’t just clean your dishes, but shines them too

Sustainable and efficient – what’s not to love?? 😍

Haier’s I Pro Shine Series 7 Dishwasher on a blue backdrop

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Hands up, if you love washing up 🙋 Just kidding.

It’s a job that seems to pile up on its own. If you’ve got a household to take care of, with the youngsters running riot, with stacks of mucky cookware and plates piling up, washing up needs to be a super easy task. Dishwashers are no longer a luxury, but an essential.

Luckily, there is a brand that will make this chore a little more bearable. After all, finding the right dishwasher to fit your home means grimy and mucky plates won’t litter your kitchen sides or lay in your sink ‘to soak’ (!) anymore – which we may be far too familiar with…

We love Haier’s I Pro Shine Series 7 Dishwasher, which has been designed to make mealtime clean-up quick, easy and fuss-free, so you can get back to hanging out with your other half or the kids. Anything to spend as little time as we can at the sink, please 😍

Haier Dishwasher with Smart AI
©Photo: Haier

A-rated on the energy-efficiency scale, this chic, smart dishwasher will help keep your bills down with the flashy AI function from Haier. It’s clever enough to think for itself (!) This feature automatically adjusts the cycle to suit the number of plates and cookware you pop in. Fancy.

With the H-arm spray for dishes and extra nozzles for cutlery, expect damn good results; this pick has 60% better cleaning performance versus a standard dishwasher. How cool is that?

It’s top-of-the-range. A game changer, if you ask us.

For those of us who enjoy a high-tech gadget at home, the dishwasher is the cream of the crop. It comes from an environmentally conscious and leading global major appliance brand, Haier, which will save you time, and money on your bills. We can get down with that ✨

With an automatic open door and foldable racks, this Haier I Pro Shine Series 7 Dishwasher has been designed to make dinnertime clean-up bearable – and quick. Easy to load (with the internal light and extra space) and select your chosen programme with the ease of the hOn app via your smartphone, the Haier I PRO Shine Series 7 will save you time and money.

It’s blessed with PowerWash, meaning you don’t have to rinse off your dirty dishes before popping them in. Plus, the H-Spray arm improves the water coverage for a thorough clean and UltraDry removes any excess moisture from hard-to-dry plastic. A lifesaver.

The innovative features and extra-special programmes make this dishwasher special. And, it’s not just flashy – it’s functional, promising great results: sparkling plates and glasses.


  • A-rated energy efficiency class to save on bills
  • Packed with innovative features for a better clean
  • Space-saving elements to fit more dishes in
  • With Ultra Dry and Cutlery Shine for great results


  • Black design may not suit all kitchen designs
DimensionsH85 x W59.7 x D59.8 cm; 43 kg
Energy RatingA
Noise Level44 dB / B
Place Settings14 (impressive, tbh)
Guarantee10 year labour, 5 year parts
  • Auto Door Opening –opens the door 100mm, letting air circulate your dishes.
  • Crystal Protect – is a delicate support to prevent any accidents during the cycle.
  • Cutlery Shine – for the best water, pressure, and precision for outstanding results.
  • Dry Boost – dries your fiddly crockery in no time.
  • Eco Inverter Motor - more efficient running, ensures a longer lifetime.
  • Half Load Pro – gives us the option to wash on a half load, saving on bills.
  • hOn App – can be accessed from your phone for easy programming.
  • Interior Light – gives you full visibility so loading the appliance is a little easier.
  • Maxi Tub – is 10% larger than your average tub so you can squeeze more in.
  • Part-Light – gives us an indication of the cycle in progress.
  • Power Wash – with the H-shaped spray arm which is thorough and rapid.
  • Ultra Dry – transforms ambient air into warm air and circulates it around.

There’s a big old market out there – packed with dishwasher alternatives, promising to keep your plates and crockery sparkling clean. You may have gone through a few models which don’t last very long – we’ve all been there – or, you may be sick of spending your time at the sink, endlessly scrubbing burnt-on pasta bake off your favourite oven dish (worth it 😋).

But, nothing comes close to this powerhouse from Haier, which certainly makes a splash. It’s full to the brim with mind-blowing features that ensure dazzling results. It’s been designed to handle the work for you.  Who could forget the power of dishwasher AI?

Splash out – and take it for a spin.


How many place settings does it have?

Place settings essentially tell us how much can fit inside a dishwasher, from plates to cutlery to baking dishes. And, 14 may be the highest capacity we’ve ever seen. So, if you have a large family and lots of various plates and cookware to cram inside and hope for the best (!) this is for you.

Inside the Haier S7 I Pro Dishwasher
©Photo: Haier

What is an Energy Efficiency rating?

An energy efficiency rating is a mark given to appliances, which determines how efficient they are in running, in saving on energy costs in the home. In this case, the I-Pro Shine operates at an outstanding A class, meaning it delivers a great cleaning performance with minimal consumption.

Welcome to the dishwasher future. Harnessing the power of AI, the Series 7 determines the temperature and load from the weight and dirt for a water and energy-conscious cycle.

What feature do we love the most?

There are so many to choose from, tbh. But, we appreciate the features that keep us out of the kitchen for longer, such as the Ultra Dry. Once a dishwasher cycle finishes, you may be used to finding that some of your glasses and plastic items are clean, but are wet.

Well, with Haier's Ultra Dry technology, no more. Ambient air inside warms up and circulates the interior, for fabulous results – that you don’t have to get the tea towel out for. Honestly a lifesaver 💞

Find out more about where to buy Haier’s I PRO Shine and discover what makes this dishwasher a perfect ally in the kitchen.

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