Surprise him this Father’s Day with the best gadgets for dad

He'll be super chuffed with these 😎

Closer Father's Day Gadgets

by Lauren McKay |

Warning, warning! Father’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, June 19th. That’s right – it’s damn close. But don't stress because there is still a lil' bit of time. Why not get some gadgets for dad?

Before you break out into a cold sweat and start panic-buying ties and socks, we’ve had a good old think about what our Dads really love. Particularly those tech and gadget-loving dads who can't keep their noses out of new tech.

We’ve included some speakers for the Bluetooth-equipped fathers and some darts equipment for the bionic fitness papas. There are one or two retro gaming consoles for the gamer dads. Even some grooming gadgets for the well-presented man. There are gadgets for dad in every section of Amazon, and we've done the digging for you.

On the unlikely chance you aren’t inspired by anything on this list, be sure to check out Closer’s Father's Day gift guide, featuring excellent gifts for every budget.

Don't miss out this Father's Day- grab some gadgets for dad quick and be prepared for the all-mighty day.

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The history of Father's Day

It's nice to celebrate our dads, so much so that we don't need an excuse. But do you know why we celebrate it?

While Mother's Day is a Christian holiday in the UK, Father's Day actually stems from the US, from a rather sombre affair. The first Father's Day took place in 1908 in West Virginia when a church held a special sermon honouring fathers after 362 men were killed in a mining accident.

In 1909, a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd petitioned to see Father's Day recognised as a national day to honour her father, and all other dads out there, and the Washington state celebrated its first official Father's Day in 1910.

Now, countries across the globe celebrate the day, each with a different date and different traditions. In the UK, it's become popular to buy ties, socks, booze and sentimental keepsakes, but tbh, we'd pick useful gadgets for dad every day of the week.

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