The ultimate camping checklist so you can camp in style and comfort

The camping essentials checklist you'll come back to again and again because trust us - we know how to camp in style. 👏

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Aah, camping, although it may not be for everyone, no one can deny that it is a laugh. Things can go wrong like bad weather, forgetting pegs or leaving things at home. Either way, these stories make memories that you will be talking about for years.

If you want the camping trip to go as smooth as possible, then you will want to check out our ultimate camping checklist - because camping doesn't always have to be 'back to basics.'

Whether you are going camping with the family or a group of friends, we have got you covered, from the best tents and sleeping mattresses to bring to the best games to play. Once you have had a successful camping trip, you will want to go again and again.

Here is our ultimate camping checklist so you can be guaranteed to camp in style and comfort - one thing we can't control, though, is the weather. That will be for you to be prepared for.

What to bring on a camping trip

Clothes and toiletries: Waterproof jacket, waterproof shoes, waterproof mascara, SPF protection, bite and sting cream, toilet paper/tissue, toiletries, dry shampoo, cleansing wipes, mini first-aid kit, microfibre towel.

Camping and sleeping arrangements: Tent: two-man or family tent, camping chair, windbreaker, camping lantern, sleeping bags, blow-up mattress or self-inflatable mat, sleep mask and earplugs, headlamp/lantern, travel pillow.

Cooking and kitchenware: Icebox, portable stove, grill, cutlery and plate set, gas lighter, pots and pans, foldable washing up bowl.

Games and fun : Mini speaker, outdoor games, card games.

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Clothes and toiletries

What are the chances of a totally dry camping trip in the UK? If you are unlucky with the weather, defend yourself with a proper waterproof jacket. We love that this one from Mountain Warehouse that comes in different colours and has such a flattering fit.

We know wellies aren't for everyone, but sometimes warm, dry feet is more important than nailing your festival outfit or looking cute for camping pics. Enter the waterproof trainer. These shoes are cute, water-resistant and can be worn casually, so you can put them on with any outfit and be ready for any downpour. These trainers are made from Merino wool and a bio-based water repellent shield so you can stay dry no matter the weather.

Yes, you can still look nice when camping, but practical make-up is a must. A little lick of waterproof mascara goes a long way, plus it will stay on all day long, come rain or shine.

Even if the sun doesn't look strong, don't take any risks. This easy sun protection spray won't leave your skin feeling icky and will provide protection from the rays.

Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream 20g
Price: $9.90

Frightened by some of nature's threats? Stinging nettles, bug bites or wasp stings will be no match for this bite and sting cream.

The Cheeky Panda – Bamboo Travel Toilet Tissue Paper
Price: $18.99

Something everyone can agree on is there is nothing worse than going to the bathroom and there being no toilet paper. Cheeky Panda makes sustainable travel loo roll with no chemical nasties and is made of pure plant-based ingredients. Plus, the Cheeky Pandau2019s toilet tissue creates less tissue dust, so it is perfect for sensitive skin as well.

I am sure we don't need to tell you to bring shampoo and conditioner, but take it from us - take some dry shampoo with you. Honestly, it's a game-changer. From touching your hair a lot to not wanting to wash your hair only to get it dirty again (no one is judging you) - dry shampoo will leave your hair feeling less greasy and easier to manage.

One of the biggest essentials for festivals and camping trips are cleansing wipes for your whole body. If you don't like the feeling of going into your sleeping bag with dirty feet or body, then you can give yourself a quick clean without hitting the shower block.

SuccorWare Small First Aid Kit
Price: $12.99

I am sure we don't need to tell you this but BRING a first aid kit. Disasters can happen, so be prepared. This mini first aid kit will do the trick for little bumps and falls and stop any tears coming from little ones.

This microfiber towel will save you so much time and space. It can hold four times its weight in water and will dry up to ten times faster than regular cotton towels. No more getting stunk out by damp towels. Plus it is perfect for the beach.

Sleeping and camping arrangments

New to camping or want a tent that won't break the bank? This pop-up tent springs open. Itu2019s pretty snug, but itu2019s super light and ridiculously good value.

Vango Apollo 500 Dome Tent
Price: $302.34

If you are after a family tent that is cheap, cheerful, easy to put up and does the job, look no further than this tent from Vango. Vango is one of the leaders in family tents, and for a good reason. Whether you are looking for a tent to fit your family or a group of friends, this five-man tent will serve you well.

Just because you are in the great outdoors does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a good camping chair. This one from Sportneer even folds up into a small bag so you can take it to festivals, picnics or BBQs.

LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern

Rrp: $35.99

Price: $31.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$31.99View offer

Even though most smartphones have a torch feature, it can be quite the task to find something at night without proper light. This bestselling camping lantern will change the game. You can hang it from your tent or keep it outside at night.

Nothing says a British day at the seaside quite like a windbreaker. Britain is a windy country so get prepared by investing in a windbreaker. Plus, it doubles up as a privacy wall for the campground.

This multi-pack sleeping bag duo from Mountain Warehouse is great value and is perfect for summer camping. Made for two seasons, these sleeping bags are made for 15u00b0C to 5u00b0C temperatures, great for late spring through to early autumn camping.

Let's be real; a weekend camping doesn't usually equate to a well-rested sleep. This double blow-up mattress comes with fitted pillows and 18 air coils, providing more strength and firmness, giving you a quality night sleep. If a single air mattress is more your thing, then Campingaz also offers a single mattress with pillows.

If you don't have a lot of space in the car or need a place to sleep when going to a festival, a self-inflating sleep mat is a happy medium between comfort and practicalityu2014the two most important adjectives when it comes to camping.

Another lifesaver for travelling or camping is an eye mask and earplugs. Nobody likes a snoring neighbour! Make sure you get a good night's sleep by protecting your eyes from the sun beating through the tent. We love the ear mask and earplugs set from Smug. It comes with loads of designs and patterns and will feel so comfortable as you doze off to sleep.

This affordable little travel pillow folds up into a storage bag and will help you get some good rest in planes, trains, tents and beyond. No one wants a stiff neck the next day.

Petzl Noctilight
Price: $19.93

Speaking of practicality, this headlamp and lantern is not something to be made fun of. If you have ever been camping, you will know that finding the toilet block in the dark can be a nightmare. That is where this handy two in one light comes in.

Cooking and kitchenware

Nothing beats a BBQ or campsite cooked meal in the summer. So keep your BBQ food and drinks cold and fresh in this 30L cooler box. Plus, it can fit up to 50 cans so that you can be ready for a refreshing beverage at any point.

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Portable Stove Camping Cooking Equipment

Rrp: $59.95

Price: $37.39
Alternative retailers
Backcountry$20.00View offer
L.L. Bean$59.95View offer
Outdoor Gear Exchange$59.95View offer
DICK'S Sporting Goods$59.99View offer

If you are a more experienced camper and are looking for a small portable cooking stove, then look no further than this little camping appliance. Whip up a gourmet pot of pasta or a warming rice dish in no time.

Campingaz Party Grill Gas Stove
Price: $215.07

Get the BBQ party started with this super versatile grill and cooking stove. It comes with many accessories and grill plates so you can sizzle and cook all your favourites on one handy device. Who said camping couldn't be sophisticated.

This deluxe cutlery has everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner - all in a compact little bag.

Have you felt like you have brought everything but the kitchen sink when camping? We have all overpacked, especially when it comes to kitchenware. This compact, handy and sleek camping kitchen accessory set has everything you need to cook up a feast from a cutting board to tongs. You name it; it's there.

This basic yet absolutely essential item will save you so much time when lighting a gas stove or fireu2014no more fear of soggy matches or burning yourself with a regular lighter.

OK, we are absolutely here for this cute pastel portable cutlery set that can be used way beyond camping. Think packed lunches, picnics, BBQs - all packed perfectly. Sustainability is the future, and it has never looked so good.

Finding space for essentials like a washbowl for doing the dishes when you pack for camping can be impossible, but it doesn't even have to be like that. This collapsible washing bowl will be an absolute miracle workeru2014no need to carry an old washbowl on your lap on your next camping adventure.

Feed four people with this amazing cooking set from Decathlon. We love the colours and how practical this set is. It comes with a pan, four plates, four sets of three-piece cutlery and one lid/strainer. This is a set that will last you over the years.

Games and activities

Want BIG sound without a big price tag and taking up big space? Then this little speaker from JBL is the one for you.

Big Game Hunters Jumbo Hi-Tower
Price: $52.99

Hear us out, JENGA but giant! This game will guarantee to get the whole family laughing, young or old.

HTI Toys & Games 8 Piece Boules Carry Case
Price: $76.68

Nothing beats a classic. This game has been played for generations, and it doesn't get old. It's easy for kids to play as well as the grandparents.

Toss and catch is a great game to play on the beach or in the campground as not even a gust of wind can stop you from playing.

Monopoly Deal Card Game
Price: $12.99

We know Monopoly isn't for everyone - the board game can be long, time-consuming, and fiddly with all the pieces - definitely not a game suitable for camping outdoors. However, Monopoly Deal is the perfect mix between playing cards and Monopoly, with only cards to worry about but with the same game premise. In our opinion, the rules are way easier to so the whole family can get involved.

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Other camping tips

Before you book your camping trip you need to check whether it has electricity otherwise you will need to buy a power packto charge your electronics.

Also, check whether it has a fire pit or a BBQ stand? Does the campground have a portable water source? How many cars are allowed? Are dogs allowed and do they need to be on a leash? What’s the weather going to be like? Does the campground sell firewood? Does it have a shop? What are the shower blocks like?

Ask yourself these questions and this will help you decide what to pack.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us