Sweating hell: How to combat boob sweat in this heatwave

Don’t worry about boob sweat during the heatwave. We’ve got you covered. But, will freezable bra pads or bra liners come out on top?

Boob sweat

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There’s no escaping the heat today. With temperatures expected to break records, it’s going to be a tough one. So, while you’re darting between shops with air-con, huddling around the office fan for any hint of a breeze or hiding under a tree for some ‘shade-bathing’, you’re going to get a bit sweaty. Scratch ‘a bit’. You’re going to be dripping everywhere.

If, like me, you can’t deal with a sticky upper lip or brow, then the thought of a sweaty under-boob will send chills down your spine. But, unfortunately not enough chills to stop it from happening. So, instead of getting damp patches on your new work dress (like me) or running to the toilet every half an hour to blot your skin (also like me), you can invest in one of these unbelievable bra accessories.


Boob sweat products

Pair of Cool58u00ae Bra Coolers1 of 2

Pair of Cool58 Bra Coolers

First up, is the freezable bra pads which takes being 'a bit nippy' to a whole other level. I'd recommend slotting these coolers into one of your existing bras. Top tip: remember to take your regular pads out first. Available from POLAR Products, the reusable pair can deliver comfort for up to an hour. And, the biggest perk has to be that they're really discrete. Unlike other products on the market, they can be activated in the fridge, freezer or even in an ice cooler. polarproducts.com

Luxury Breast Gel Packs by Magic Gel2 of 2

Luxury Breast Gel Packs by Magic Gel

For those of you with an Amazon Prime account, you can put a stop to boob sweat even quicker with a Breast Ice Pack. OK, so technically it's not a bra pad or line, but it still works a treat. Although its main use is for breastfeeding pain, there's no reason to say why it can't be used to help stop a perpetrating under boob. Just make sure you don't strip off and use it around the office. No matter how tempted you are.amazon.co.uk

With no chance of frost bite, I’ve got to say that a bra liner is a clear winner for me. As well as absorbing all your boob sweat, it helps chaffing even from the laciest brassieres. And, at £15.99 for a pack of six you’ll have a different one for every day of the week. With Sunday as your day off, you’ll have a chance to set them free on laundry day. #freethenip

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