What the Closer team are buying from New Look now there is 25% off

You've only got two days to use it...

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The nation is self-isolating which means a lot of us are saving money on our daily commute which means one good thing - we can spend that money on treating ourselves instead.

Yes, we could save that money for a future holiday or Christmas presents but we want to live in this moment and buy the clothes, shoes and bags that usually put us in our overdrafts.

During this self-quarantine time, New Look have announced that they have 25% off the entire site for the next couple of days...

...which means we absolutely need to get our moneys worth and buy everything in our wishlist.

So we've rounded up the things we're finally going to buy with the discount...

Check out: what the Closer team are buying from New Look

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What the Closer team are buying from New Look

Black Short Sleeve Smock Midi Dress1 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Black Short Sleeve Smock Midi Dress... chosen by head of content Amy Cooper

Right, that's it, I'm breaking up with loungewear. But Amy, I hear you say, a cotton finish smock dress is practically a glorified nightgown. Whatever, you guys. BABY STEPS. Look good, feel good and all that. I need to break up with elasticised waist bands and feel like a proper grown up again, even if my commute is now bed to desk to couch. A dress that will take me from self-isolation to summertime in the pub (I'm still being optimistic, alright)? Adds to basket****Discount price: £13.49

Black Floral High Neck Cuffed Midi Dress2 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Black Floral High Neck Cuffed Midi Dress... chosen by shopping editor Aimee Jakes

Oh hiya, spring dress of DREAMS. I can't resist a floral midi and this one simply ticks all the boxes. Perfect for pretty much every occasion, from doing a weekly shop for the essentials (life) to finally meeting your s/o's parents.Discount price: £20.99

Pink Spot Long Sleeve Cuffed Midi Dress3 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Pink Spot Long Sleeve Cuffed Midi Dress... chosen by digital writer Eden-Olivia Lord

Okay, I know we're all self-isolating but this dress is an absolute yes from me. I love pink (basic, I know) but I never wear midi dresses so I think this is the perfect way to ease into one. It's giving me spring and summer vibes and honestly, I'm ready.Discount price: £20.99

Pale Pink Dinosaur Planter4 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Pale Pink Dinosaur Planter... chosen by group managing editor George Terry

If, like us, you're spending a lot of time indoors right now, make your space as cheery as possible. This playful, pink, dinosaur planter will look a treat in our home office space (kitchen table).Discount price: £3.47

White Tropical Palm Short Sleeve Shirt5 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

White Tropical Palm Short Sleeve Shirt... chosen by digital editor Carl Smith

Should I ever be allowed to leave the house again, I'm going to need this properly-summery palm-print shirt. I'm loving the retro vibes, it should go with pretty much anything and I can almost taste the piña colada through the screen. Come through, summer 2020. We need you.Discount price: £11.99

Blue Friends Photo Mug6 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Blue Friends Photo Mug... chosen by digital writer Nathan Katnoria

The long-awaited reunion special may have been pushed back (thanks a lot, COVID-19) but I'll be consoling myself by sipping green tea from this mug while binge-watching back to back episodes of Friends from the start on Netflix. It may not be our day, our week, our month, or even our year at the moment but at least we'll always have the Central Perk six.Discount price: £5.24

Off White Cropped Denim Jacket7 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Off White Cropped Denim Jacket... chosen by audience development exec Louella Berryman

PSA. I do not like spring. Give me either a winter coat or a summer dress, I just can't deal with the unpredictable rain/sun/wind days of April. I'm hoping this jacket will see me through the in-between season and maybe I'll even become a spring person...Discount price: £20.99

Dark Grey International Embroidered Slogan Sweatshirt8 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Dark Grey International Embroidered Slogan Sweatshirt... chosen by video producer Rhys Stroulger

I would wear this dark grey jumper, paired with the dark grey cuffed trousers, because let's be honest this is our new WFH office wear.Discount price: £17.24

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers9 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers... chosen by video producer Rhys Stroulger

Discount price: £14.99.

Green Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress10 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Green Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress... chosen by commerical content writer Jade Moscrop

Just because I'm spending all of my time indoors now doesn't mean I can't feel fancy while I do it. This green puff-sleeve midi dress will be perfect for when the weather starts to warm up - whether it's for working from home or prancing around during my daily exercise. I also plan on wearing this in the beer garden (read: my back garden) while I demand that the bartender (aka, my other half wearing an apron) brings me multiple pints and packets of peanuts.

Multicoloured Avocado Stress Ball Pen11 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Multicoloured Avocado Stress Ball Pen... chosen by director of content and audience development Ian Betteridge

This is definitely one for me at the moment... Discount price: £3.74

Grey Marble Effect 500ml Metal Bottle12 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

Grey Marble Effect 500ml Metal Bottle... chosen by business development director Stuart Adams

I NEED one of these mine's on my desk in our locked down office and this one is so much cooler. Discount price: £9.74

2 Pack Black Skinny Fit Leggings13 of 13
CREDIT: New Look

2 Pack Black Skinny Fit Leggings... chosen by commercial content writer Lily Anderson

I'm living in leggings right now, and with just two pairs at home, I was doing a lot of washing. So bagging this set is the best decision I've made in 2020. Discount price: £9.74

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The 25% off everything - all full priced items across womenswear, menswear and 915 - is valid from Tuesday 31 March - Wednesday 1 April.

As a result of the coronavirus, New Look have closed all their stores but are continuing to deliver to their customers and on their website they've explained whether how safe it is to receive parcels.

"According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 (Coronavirus) from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.

"All our warehouse staff and delivery couriers are fully informed of the precautionary safety measures in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19."

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