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It’s fair to say, people have a love/hate relationship with gift shopping. Let us explain why.

Your best friend, for example, has always been easy to shop for. By easy, we mean she is a bit of a global nomad who loves to travel so her gift options are endless. Your mum, too, loves a bit of everything whether it’s crafts, a candle, or a cute new tote she can take to the shops with her.

Dad, well he can easily be won over with anything to do with the outdoors (like a cap he can take on a cycle or camping – it’s a done deal). The sister, however, might just have absolutely everything. Clothes check. Tech check. Jewellery check. The list never ends.

This is where personalised gifts come in handy, and we know just the brand. Enter: VistaPrint. Known for its one-of-a-kind gifts spanning from personalised photo calendars to create-your-own branded mugs. Benefits? Well, it’s simple. Your recipient will be guaranteed a truly special gift. Not to mention, you will be given an A-for-effort, scoring a few extra brownie points in the process.

How long would it take to create something like this? No time at all. Just follow the on-site instructions to upload a high-res photograph, or – better yet – your own creative collage onto the pre-existing product template, and voila.

Any doubt or trouble with your own design – not to worry – VistaPrint has a 24/7 customer CARE team that will support you every step of the way. The rave reviews left by VistaPrint’s loyal customer base say it all. Good quality, extremely thoughtful and incredibly simple on your part.

I think we can all agree that custom gifts (that don’t break the bank!) are the way to go. We’ve hand-selected some of our favourites but don’t let us get in the way of your creative spark. And, just you wait - the smile you see on your sister’s face will make all the extra personalisation worth it.

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