How to get the most out of your tape hair extensions, according to an expert

The less obvious tips that will help ensure they always look great

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If your hair just never seems to grow past your shoulders, you're recovering from a disastrous cut or after a little confidence boost, getting hair extensions can be life-changing. The celeb lot have been doing it for years.

There are plenty of hair extension types on the market, but one of the most common are tape extensions which can transform your tresses in no time at all and tend to last 6-8 weeks before you need them refitted.

Olia Cutz, the founder of THE EXTENSIONIST, a highly-rated specialist salon in Battersea, London, talks to Closer about the benefits of tape extensions, plus some less obvious tips for caring for tapes at home.

The benefits of tape extensions

"The main benefit is that this type of hair extension is the least damaging to the hair, explains Olia. "Tape extensions can also be cost-effective -  you can buy a set of hair and they can be reused for many months once again."

Olia also explains how this is a great option as they are quicker to apply than other methods on the market and you can fit in a lot of hair, even in fine hair and it still lies flat

"At The Extensionist we have invented a new type of extension, special signature tape for fine hair called Russian mini tapes.  The standard size of the tapes available on the market often are too big and too heavy for clients with fine hair. We've created the perfect tape size suitable for both fine and thick hair, guaranteeing high-quality hair to all our clients.  The taping method involves sandwiching the hair between two strips of tape hair extensions and pressing them together.

Olia adds, "We love to be innovative at The Extensionist, we love to be disruptors and launch new techniques to the market.  Our new signature Russian Mini tape extensions are having amazing reviews…"

Top tips for tape extensions

First things first, treat your hair as well as you can.

Olia explains. "Keep them washed and do a weekly conditioning treatment. Be careful with heated tools and always use heat protection spray. Make sure to brush the extensions every day."

"We also say to all our clients, if you have long hair extensions then you can plait them at night before you go to bed to avoid tangling while you sleep."

Another important step is to keep up with regular maintenance appointments, otherwise your natural hair health can suffer.

Olia says, "We always recommend re-placing and maintenance to take place no longer than 6+ weeks.  If you go longer then the hair extensions can pull on your original hair, causing damage and dragging them down!  If you go longer then you also run the risk of developing tangling and matting.

"We always recommend going to a professional to take out the hair extensions,  we’ve seen clients take them out themselves with coconut oil etc and it can be damaging to you’re hair."

Holy grail products for tape extensions

"In the salon, we are huge fans of the Balmain Hair Extension Brush, which we sell and recommend to all our clients."

Olia also shares that if you want to go the extra mile, a silk pillowcase is a great investment to keep your hair healthy as you sleep.

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