Shaughna Phillips shares her £5.50 hair wash hack for the ‘perfect slicked bun’ and it’s genius

"If you want to do the perfect slicked bun, it really does keep all your hair at bay"

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It’s hard to watch Love Island and not wonder how all those Islanders are able to look so fabulous. Most of them have perfect lipstick, not an ounce of sweat, and manage to keep their hair slicked back with not a single flyway in 30-degree Spanish or South African heat.

Obviously, Maya Jama always looks flawless, but to be fair, she really only has to swan in and out. Plus, we’re convinced she’s more angel than human. But what about the rest of the Islanders? They’ve got to flirt and graft while ideally looking as attractive as possible, and most of them seem to handle it perfectly.

When it comes to pesky flyaways, Love Island 2020's national treasure, Shaughna Phillips, has answered our prayers and given us her secret to a slicked-back bun, and it’s a game-changer. We may not all be in Spain this summer, but we tend to struggle even in the UK heat, so let’s walk before we can run.

Shaughna Phillips

Shaughna sat down with Closer to discuss everything Love Island-related, including her go-to beauty hacks. Thankfully, she actually named one that doesn’t cost £100+.

When asked for her must-have budget buy, she had no hesitation. “The Got2Be yellow bottle hairspray. I love it, but I would only use it when your hair needs a wash because it is literally like cement for your hair, and once you’ve used it you do need to wash your hair. Or, like me, just keep applying it.”

An excuse not to wash our hair? We’ll take it.

“If you want to do the perfect slicked bun, it really does keep all your hair at bay. And once you’ve got a slicked bun you can look so sophisticated, but you also can look like an egg which is what I’m currently looking like at the minute, but I don’t care.”

While she’s right and the line between a sophisticated fashionista and egg is very fine, for £5.50 why not try it? If it’s the worst-case scenario and you do end up looking more egg-like, at least you’ll have no flyaways.

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