11 affordable daily wellness habits Rochelle Humes swears by

From hair-boosting vitamins to viral matcha recipes, here's Rochelle's favourites wellness tips...

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If there is anyone who has the whole wellness thing nailed, it's Rochelle Humes. Despite being booked and busy as a TV presenter, mum-of-three, business owner, author and podcast host, the star also ensures she carves out time for little self-care moments throughout the day (and then generously shares them on her social channels.)

And no, we aren't talking vampire facials, cryotherapy chambers and unnecessary skincare serums which cost more than a whole month's salary, but small and effective wellbeing moves that ensure she feels her best self. Because self-care needn't break the bank (nor involve an expensive trip to Harley Street).

From green juice recipes to hair-boosting vitamins, here are Rochelle Humes' favourite ever wellness tips and spoiler alert, they're a lot easier to incorporate into your own routine than you'd think...


Rochelle Humes' favourite wellness hacks

Inspirational books 1 of 11

Inspirational books

Wondering how Rochelle does it all? Us too. Luckily for us, the star divulged how she prioritises health on a daily basis and it's all thanks to an early alarm.
Replying to a comment on Instagram, Rochelle wrote: "I don’t work out every day, I do Monday-Friday no weekends. My kids wake up at 7(ish) I wake up any time between 5/6 am and get in some solo chill time (which for me means working out) before the whole house wakes up and is CHAOTIC 😂 I find this really sets my day up right for me mentally 🥰 I really recommend the book the 5am club ✨"
SHOP: The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma .

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If anyone is a fan of pilates it's Rochelle Humes who always makes time for the low-impact (yet very effective) workout. She regularly posts #Pilatespo on the 'Gram and loves both reformer and mat pilates for staying fit and healthy.

Green juice 3 of 11

Green juice

The telly star is a huge fan of a daily DIY green juice for great skin and makes hers using celery, cucumber, ginger and apple.
In an interview with Hello!, Rochelle shared: "In the morning I'll have a juice to start off the day – that might be a fresh orange, but from the juicer. I like apple, carrot, ginger and I actually have celery straight sometimes. It's really good for you and my skin really notices when I haven't had it."

Morning manifestation4 of 11

Morning manifestation

The star took to Instagram to reveal her dressing room staple - a deck of daily affirmation cards. Sharing "me and the team starting the day like this every day", Rochelle highlighted daily mantras as a great way to start each morning with a better mindset. She exact affirmations cards she swears by is The Mantras by Roxie Nafousi .

Rochelle also announced how her brand, My Little Coco has dipped its toes into the wellness space and brought out its own [Affirmation Cards {href='https://www.boots.com/my-little-coco-affirmation-cards-10322710?' target='_blank' rel='noreferrer noopener'}) which you can snap up at Boots.

Collagen smoothies 5 of 11

Collagen smoothies

For an extra protein boost, Rochelle loves mixing in JSHealth's Vitality + Collagen powder into her smoothies. The powder promises a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, increased hydration and a mega-watt glow.

Probiotic supplements 6 of 11

Probiotic supplements

Symprove is a celebrity-loved daily probiotic drink which is loved by plenty of A-Listers including Jessie J to Millie Mackintosh. It helps boost the good bacteria in the gut which promises a multitude of benefits including clear skin and improved mood as well as helping to beat excessive bloating.

Matcha lattes 7 of 11

Matcha lattes

Rochelle is known for her love of matcha and she regularly shares her go-to recipe on the 'gram.

She posted, 'If you know me you know that my morning Matcha is my non-negotiable..🍵 I find it SO important to have that ‘slow time’ to myself before the chaos of work and 3 children…
You ask me a lot how I have mine, I use half hot water, half oat milk with a scoop of a Vanilla collagen creamer (@bryonydeery introduced me to the collagen edition a few months ago and it’s a game changer) ✨✨✨'

Baths 8 of 11


Talking to Who What Wear, the singer shared: "I’m always a bath girl. I use my own bath soak from My Little Coco, the Baby Mama Bath Soak. Obviously, I developed it to be exactly what I wanted to be. It was pretty self-indulgent!"

Hair vitamins 9 of 11

Hair vitamins

Rochelle admitted that she suffered from post-partum hair loss after giving birth to her son Blake and was on the hunt for a hair supplement that really does work. Enter, JSHealth Hair + Energy capsules

She shared on her socials, "Anyone who knows me, knows I have been on a real hair journey for the past couple of years, doing everything I can to encourage strong, healthy hair.
"After searching high and low for supplements that work, I came across the JSHealth Hair + Energy vitamins last year through a friend and I haven’t looked back.
"Working with brands I authentically trust and love is always of huge importance to me, so as a genuine customer I am thrilled to now be working with JSHealth as an ambassador and can’t wait to try their full range of supplements."

Affordable hair removal 10 of 11

Affordable hair removal

The star shared that although 'she hates shaving' she's a huge fan of Estrid's razor kits, especially for removing her 'super thick hair'.

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Skin-boosting make-up

Would you believe Rochelle's glowy base is all thanks to a L'Oreal foundation? Yep, the star loves the True Match Liquid Foundation for its diverse shade range and skincare benefits.

She told her 2.2 million followers during a paid partnership with the brand, 'L’Oreal Paris has also introduced 2 new pigments, blue and green, to improve the shade match – now matching 99.5% of skin tones. There are 9 new shades bringing it up to a total of 48 shades to choose from. Not only that, this feels more like skincare than foundation. It’s lightweight but buildable and contains the all-important hyaluronic acid…'

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