Inside Lydia Bright’s lavish baby shower with silk pyjamas and matching bathrobes

She's due in five weeks time

lydia bright baby shower

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TOWIE star Lydia Bright has given her fans an incredible insight into her lavish baby shower that includes personalised bathrobes and matching pyjamas.

The reality star is due to welcome her baby girl into the world in February and decided to celebrate with her closest friends at Celtic Manor Resort in Wales.

The ladies were spoiled for choice given all the sweet treats that were laid out, they were all wearing matching pink silk pyjamas and Lydia and her pregnant pal Lucy Mecklenburgh wore personalised bathrobes.

The former TOWIE star arrived at the venue that was decorated with pink, transparent and silver balloons, a chocolate fondue set, delicious snacks, alcohol and mocktail drinks for the pregnant.

Lydia celebrated her baby shower and birthday alongside Lucy, her mum Debbie Bright, TOWIE voiceover star Denise van Outen, Amber Dowding and a whole bunch of her friends.

lydia bright baby shower
Lydia celebrated her baby shower alongside her closest friends ©Instagram

Lydia posted a gorgeous video of herself celebrating her daughter and wrote alongside the clip, "Dinky, today we celebrate you darling. Five weeks until I finally see your face 💓 #BrightsBabyShower @thecelticmanor".

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Last year Lydia announced she had moved back into her parents' home because her own house is under renovation.

She explained, "I'm hoping my house is semi-done so we can move back home and everything will be perfect for her.

"The finishing touches and things can happen when we're there. I just want to be in my house with my baby.

"I'm hoping she's going to be a bit late. They say the first baby comes late don't they?"

In August, Lydia announced she was pregnant with her first just shortly after splitting from her baby daddy Lee Cronin.

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