Is Amazon Prime really worth it?

Let us explain all the wonderful things you'll get for £79 a year

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by Sophie Knight |

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Everyone’s talking about Amazon Prime at the moment, but why? Is it really worth the money? What benefits do you really get from it? If it’s just next-day delivery, then I don’t know whether I want to spend £79 a year just for that.

What else do you get with Prime membership?

Prime is now so much more than just next-day delivery. Yes, that's great, and a real help when you’re ordering staples like baby wipes or nappies, or if you’re really desperate for your new blender. But we want more! Here's a list of all the things that are included with your Amazon Prime membership:

Prime Video

Sign up to Prime membership and you’ll get access to Prime Video, which streams hundreds of shows and movies, all included in the price. Watch the latest goofing around from Jeremy Clarkson and his mates in The Grand Tour, get dark and deep with Good Omens and The Man In The High Castle, and fall in love with the Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Prime Reading

Not many people have heard about Prime Reading, it seems. This allows Prime members access to over a thousand ebooks, magazines and comics to read on your Kindle or other device with a Kindle app. There are loads of children’s books to choose from too.

Kindle First

Every month, as a Prime member you’ll get access to Editor’s Picks of ebooks, and special discounts – for July 2019, you’ll get two Kindle books free.

Prime Music

Listen to and stream more than 2 million songs, with hundreds of playlists. You don’t have to have Spotify to enjoy music on the go or at home. This is different to Amazon Music Unlimited, though – the latter costs £7.99 and gives you access to even more music.

Twitch Prime

One for the gamers – you get access to loads of bundles for your favourite games. At the moment, if you play Grand Theft Auto Online, you can link your Social Club and Twitch Prime account for a gift of GTA$1,250,000 and up to 15% bonus GTA$ on purchases of Shark Cash Cards.

Exclusive deals

Prime members get access to special deals and discounts, and not just for Prime Day. Throughout the year you will find out about exclusive discounts and lightning deals, saving you loads of money on your favourite best-selling products. The deals appear quickly and often only last one day, so speed is of the essence – so finding out about them first thanks to your Prime account is really beneficial.

Amazon Family

One for the parents in the room – subscribe to certain baby and child essential products and you could get up to 20% off nappies and baby food. You’ll also get free unlimited photo storage for the 8,375 photos you’ve taken of your newborn this week.

Prime Photos

Save all your photos with unlimited storage with the Amazon Photos app, available on iOS and Android devices. This frees up space on your phone and is completely safe. You can also add up to five family members to share the photos too.

Delivery options

Millions of items are available for next-day delivery; there is now same-day delivery in certain locations, and even two-hour delivery in some cities too. Perfect if you’ve just had a nappy explosion and have only just got one Pampers left.

So yes, it is worth it

What’s also great is that you can sign up for a 30-day free trial, and cancel any time. This means if, for some reason, you don’t take advantage of all the things above, you won’t be charged.

With Black Friday (November 29) and Christmas both approaching (argh!), sign up for your free trial today, and you can cancel once you’ve maxed out your credit card. Or keep it rolling and enjoy all the things above every month. It's a bit of a no-brainer really.

It costs £79 a year, or £7.99 per month. Click here to sign up to Prime today.

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