The best hairdryers under £50 that promise a salon-worthy blow-dry

We're blown away at the results...

hairdryers under £50

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You don't need to dip into your overdraft for a good hairdryer with great results. To prove it, we've found the very best affordable hairdryers which have been highly-rated online.

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We cannot fault this hairdryer on aesthetics. Who doesn't want a sleek, rose gold number on their vanity? For the price, it's an absolute bargain, even if the cord is on the shorter side. We love that this is lightweight and easy to handle. However, the nozzle does get hot if you use it on full blast - so make sure to get your heatproof mat out.

Want a frizz-free blow-dry? Then this hair dryer from Babyliss should be your go-to. Its advanced airflow technology helps to keep your locks under control. Plus, its slim nozzle will help you achieve any look you desire – even cute waves.

Remington D3010 Lightweight Hair Dryer, £11.99
Price: $27.91

Are you on a tight budget? No problem! The price will draw you to this Remington D3010 Lightweight Hair Dryer before you find out about its GREAT benefits. Anyone who has thick hair and often overheats dryers easily, this is the one for you.

How pretty does this blower look? Am I right? The chic white and rose gold design is just the tip of the iceberg. Anyone with frizzy hair will benefit from the built-in ion generator. This T3 Cura Hair Dryer will help to smooth hair cuticles to give you that sassy hair flick moment.

As if this amazing hairdryer is under £20?! It does everything that you'd expect and more. Choose from two heat and speed settings so that you can amend it to suit you. The best thing about this dryer is that it is lightweight, so it won't hurt your arm when styling your hair.

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Technical terms that you need to know about when it comes to hair dryers:

When it comes down to investing in the best hair dryer, the technology and features that are built into any model are fundamental to the results. If you aren't 100 per cent clear on what the technology means for your hair, it may be detrimental to your overall look.

However, there's no need to panic as we've rounded up some of the jargon you may have seen when shopping for hairdryers and explained what it means for you.

Negative ion: Simply put, this technology breaks down the water molecules, which will dry your hair faster. Other benefits include reducing frizz and helping to give your hair an ultra-smooth finish.

Infrared heat: If you see this functionality on a hairdryer, it means it will provide a consistent level of heat, which, in theory, should cut down how much heat exposure your hair gets.

Ceramic technology: Want even more protection from the heat? A ceramic hair dryer is basically a higher level of infrared heat, with less of a risk of causing damage to your hair.

Nanoe™ technology: Anyone who suffers from dry hair needs to look out for this feature as it helps to provide more moisture than any regular hairdryer. We love that it reduces damage from brushing and keeps cuticles on the surface in good condition.

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