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by Caitlin Casey |

We all know by now that we MUST keep our face protected with face suncream. One thing we might not think about, though, is our scalps and hair. Yep, that's right - there are scalp and hair protectors out there and you should be adding them to your summer shopping basket.

If you've ever had your scalp burnt, you'll know the redness and flakiness can be irritating and painful. Not to mention the damage that UV rays can cause your hair if you're out in the sun for too long.

Well, you can wave goodbye to sun damage, because we've found the best scalp and hair sun protectants out there. Just spritz, wait to dry and you'll be good to go.

What are hair and scalp sun protectants?

Hair and scalp sun protectors come in a variety of forms and products - from scalp sprays to moisturisers, hair oils and more, there's a mass of ways to keep your hair safe from even the sunniest of days. Just like applying heat protectant when we dry, straighten or curl our hair, we need to protect our hair from the natural heat of the sun as well as the sun rays that shine when it's particularly sunny.

Look for UV protection and creams or oils with SPF 30 and above to ensure that your hair gets the full coverage it needs before going out in the summertime.

How can I protect my hair and scalp from sun damage?

The neverending question of how to protect our hair and scalp from the burning sun is not always easy to answer... Luckily, we've spoken to haircare experts at CLOUD NINE to give us the low-down on how we really should be helping our hair.

Start at the root and protect your scalp: The base of all good hair days is a good scalp and root. Make sure to add SPF to your hairline and parting so that your scalp doesn't get dry and flaky with sunburn - and possible root damage.

Keep your hair and scalp covered: Okurrr, this is where fancy cute hats come in VERY handy. CLOUD NINE recommends loose hats particularly because they'll keep your hair and scalp safe without actually messing up your 'do. Chic and safe.

Use conditioning products to protect your hair: We all know that crispy, dry feeling when your hair's been in the sun too long. Make sure to keep your hair moisturised with a good conditioner like the CLOUD NINE Magical Remedy (£25) which will leave your hair super glossy and seal up split ends.

Drink plenty of water: We've all heard this one before, but it's true. Make sure to pump yourself with water to stay hydrated because it will in turn, also keep your hair follicles hydrated from the inside out.

Hold back on hair washing: Washing your hair can strip a lot of the natural oils and therefore make it a lot drier. If you're desp to keep your hair washed, do leave-in conditioning treatments and wash it out with water for full hydration. Avoid washing your scalp too much.

What hair and scalp sun protectors do we recommend, you ask? Well, we've got the complete low-down of the best options below, just check them out here...

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