The best gradual tan for anyone who wants that holiday glow

Finally, the best gradual tanner products for that ultimate summer vibe 🌞

Best gradual tan - St. Tropez gradual tan watermelon infusion, he-shi overnight tanning balm and Declor gradual glow lotion

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Nothing beats that feeling you get when you step off the plane and the sun hits you. You finally know that you’ve arrived on holiday. But, unless you’re jetting off on a long-haul flight anytime soon, it might be a few months before you get that feeling. Although, it doesn’t mean that you can't recreate that holiday glow.

Gradual tans are the best way to help you feel like you’ve just got back from paradise – even if you haven’t.

Whether you’re new to tanning or have a season pass, we’ve found the best gradual tanners to pop in your basket. OK, you don’t have to be prepared enough to have already brought your high-waisted bikinis in anticipation for your summer holiday to get involved. But if you are, we’re not even mad.


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Sienna X Gradual Clear Water Mousse1 of 10

Sienna X Gradual Clear Water Mousse

The next best thing? A gradual tanner that's also a water mist, making it easier to tan than ever. Sienna X has everything from mousses and gradual tan, to mobile tanning professionals that can come and give you a full spray tan in the comfort of your home. Don't knock it until you try it, trust us, it will give you a just-back-from-holiday glow in no time.

Face by Skinny Tan Moisturising Oil Drops2 of 10

Face by Skinny Tan Moisturising Oil Drops

Do you find it hard to match your face to your gradual tan? This won't be a problem any more because the moisturising oil drops will help you achieve the sun-kissed look everywhere.

St.Tropez Self Tan Kit3 of 10

St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Starter Kit

Are you new to the world of fake tan? This is the best set to get you started. It includes the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Polish, St. Tropez Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser and the St. Tropez Applicator Mitt.

Isle Of Paradise Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse4 of 10

Isle Of Paradise Glow Clear Self-Tanning Mousse

It says it in its name, but this tanning mousse will definitely transport you to paradise. In just four hours, this fake tan essential will use your skin tone as a base to give you a natural look. Plus, it doesn't leave you looking orange or streaky - result!

Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milk5 of 10

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk

Want to maintain that summer glow 365 days of the year? This body moisturiser will slowly give you the shimmer you're after.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion Moisture Miracle Lotion6 of 10

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion Moisture Miracle Lotion

Do you find that your skin gets dry when using fake tan? This beauty will lock in moisture for up to 72 hours so you can have that gradual glow for longer.

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Self Tan7 of 10

Garnier Summer Body Gradual Self Tan

Want to look bronzed on a budget? This gorgeous tanning moisturiser will help you look unreal for less.

DECLu00c9OR Aroma Confort Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk8 of 10

DECLÉOR Aroma Confort Gradual Glow Hydrating Body Milk

For something a bit more premium, try out Decleor's gradual glow lotion. Over two to three uses, you'll notice your skin appears golden.

Cocoa Brown Perfect Fade Tanning Oil9 of 10

Cocoa Brown Perfect Fade Tanning Oil

We've found your perfect shade to help you achieve that gradual tan look... You're welcome!

Tan-Luxe10 of 10

Tan-Luxe The Gradual

You name it - face and body, this gradual tanner will do it all. Top tip: make sure that you apply it with a mitt so that you get the coverage you need.

How to make my tan last?

Nights out with streaky legs are truly behind us as we say hello to gorgeous sun-kissed skin. Here are our top tips on how to use gradual tan...

Use a mitt

This might sound simple but if you use a mitt, you’ll be able to apply the gradual tan better and it’ll leave your skin looking lush.

Don't apply every day

Before you rush to apply any gradual tan, make sure to read the instructions. Usually, you’ll only need to apply this once a week to achieve that holiday glow.

Moisturiser is your best friend

If you don’t already, make sure to use a moisturiser when you have your tan on. This will help you to remain bronzed for longer - yas!

Tan the right bits

Before you whack some regular tan on, double check its suitable for use all over your body. Most gradual tan is suitable for the body, but you'll probably need to buy a separate one to match your face.

Now you're clued up on the best gradual tanning tips, make sure to snap up your favourite gradual tanner.

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