Here are the best at home gel nail kits to help you nail your manicure

Get a professional manicure from the comfort of your own home.


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Who doesn't love getting a manicure? It's super helpful in helping us feel refreshed and put together and is perfect if you're looking to ace that TikTok clean girl aesthetic.

However, a couple of trips to the salon can soon cost you a small fortune, especially if you love your extensions and nail art. We'll admit, it's an expensive beauty treatment that we can't always afford.

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Many of us on the Closer team have recently made the change and purchased an at-home gel nail kit, and we all agree it was a fabulous decision. While being in charge of your own nails may sound daunting at first, there are plenty of helpful tricks and tips online. Plus, once you get the hang of it, doing your gel nails is straightforward and brilliantly fun.

If you do have any doubts on how to go about nailing your manicure, at the end of our guide we've listed in chronological order the steps to follow when doing your own nails.

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best at-home gel nail kit overall

A truly professional gel nail kit, we love that the Mylee Gel Nail Kit is packaged in a compact box ideal for travelling, and the curing lamp comes in its own separate box. Mylee also has plenty of instructional videos to help you get started on the brand website which we think is great for beginners.


  • Reviews mention that the nail polish will last a few weeks
  • We love that the set comes with lint-free wipes
  • Come with nail polish remover as well as a prep and polish product


  • Some reviews say there aren't a wide variety of shades

best for beginners

A very efficient and compact gel nail kit - including a sleek lamp that reviewers claim is easy to use and easily sets gel nail polish.


  • Reviews say that the quality of the kit is excellent and gives you salon-worthy nails
  • We think that the top coat leaves a lovely glossy shine


  • Reviewers said they would have liked there to be more colours

best for value

14 Day Mani Bestseller Gel Polish Starter Kit
Price: £79 (was £170.50)

The new brand 14 Day Mani swears by its longstanding nails and easy-to-use kits that will keep your nails in tip-top condition that will save you money and a trip to the nail salon. Snap up this bestseller gel polish kit to get the most out of your nails.


  • 14 Day Mani's website has plenty of videos to help you get started
  • Reviews mention speedy delivery time


  • Some customers said they would have liked the kit to come with a carry case

best for wide range of colours

Already got a lamp, file, and the other mechanical bits but need the actual colours? This at-home gel nail kit from Modelones boasts 28 different gel colours which reviewers love. However, it's important to note that it doesn't come with a gel base or a top coat.


  • Reviews say the nail polishes are good quality and leave nails looking extremely shiny
  • Extremely good coverage


  • Does not come with a gel base or top coat

best LED lamp

Or, if you've got all of the gel polish colours but need the gel nail lamp, this kit is a great option. Reviewers said the lamp quickly cures nails, ideal if you're after a quick fix and don't have time to go to the nail salon.


  • We love that this nail lamp comes with four timer settings
  • Reviewers love that the LED lamp automatically turns on


  • Some reviewers said their gel polish doesn't last as long with this lamp

best for a budget

As well as being vegan and cruelty-free, this awesome gel nail starter kit boasts everything you need for under £15. It includes a nail file and cuticle trimmer too if you're big on precision.


  • Reviews say this kit is perfect if you're new to gel nails
  • Reviews say that the LED nail lamp cures very well


  • Some reviews said the colours were not correctly labelled

Best for nail tools

It's easy to see why this product is one of Amazon's top choices. It boasts 2,000 ratings with an average of 4.3 out of 5, and it has lots of added extras, like a dotting pen for nail art, striping tape, nail separators, and a cuticle fork.

How to do gel nails at home:


Make sure your nails are clean of any residue, be it nail polish or other, using a nail polish remover. File and buff your nails, ensuring you've got your desired shape, be it oval, coffin, or square. Make sure to cut any excess cuticles, as well as push them back.


Apply your gel nail primer before anything else.


Next, you'll need to apply your gel base coat and cure it for 15 seconds.


Select your gel polish colour, add a thin layer of it and cure for 60 seconds. Paint a second slightly thicker layer and cure for 60 seconds. A third layer is optional depending on how thick your polish is.


Once it's fully dry, apply your topcoat and cure this for 60 seconds. Whilst some topcoats do not require a wipe after curing, most do, as this removes any sticky residue. We also recommend adding some cuticle oil to your cuticles as well as some hand moisturiser as the UV lamp can dry out your skin. And voila! Your gel nail manicure is complete.

How do I remove gel nail polish at home?

No matter how tempting it is, do not pick your gel nail polish off, it will weaken your nail bed and your nails will be prone to breakage. Use a nail polish remover, acetone is stronger but non-acetone will work it will just take longer, or a specific gel polish remover like this one from Mylee, and douse cotton wool or lint-free wipes with the remover placed on each nail and wrap with kitchen foil.

You can also snap up this Magic Gel Remover from Mylee, which is designed to remove gels in just six minutes and can be a huge time-saver for gel nail polish users who are used to spending a long time removing their gel manicures.

best for removing polish

Tried & Tested by Deputy Commercial Content Editor, Natalie Corner: "I have spent many hours sitting with my nails wrapped in foil, so was eager to try out this product from Mylee that promised to save me so much time. I was a little too precious with the product at first, and after waiting a few minutes nothing was peeling, but I could feel a tightening sensation which shows that it was working. Impatient as ever, I added a few more dollops of the thick gloopy liquid to my nails and after about 10 more minutes I had some excellent results.


  • We loved the quick and easy application of the product
  • Other reviewers said that the product reduced overall manicure time


  • Some reviews said that depending on what gel polish they had used, it took longer for the Magic Remover to work

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