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If you want to keep your pearly whites... well... white, then you might want to start with the best bleaching strips for teeth. Unfortunately, a sparkling smile can take a bit of maintenance. But, with the best at home whitening strips you'll be able to restore the confidence you have in your smile in no time.

There are loads of reasons why our teeth dull in colour, whether it's diet, lifestyle or genetic factors. Sometimes, we don't necessarily notice the impact that our teeth can have on our confidence. If it's something you're conscious of, why not freshen your teeth up with an easy-to-use, at-home beauty treatment that won't break the bank?

Closer's best bleaching strips for teeth at a glance:

Best bleaching strips for teeth (Editor's choice): Crest 3D Professional Effects Luxe White Strips, £12.95+ on The White Smiles

Best rated bleaching strips for teeth: Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips, £36.99 on Amazon

Best bleaching strips for sensitive teeth: Sensitivity-Free PAP+ Whitening Strips™, £19 on HiSmile

Not everyone can afford to invest in celebrity style veneers or have an expensive dental whitening regime, we get it. Trust us, teeth whitening powders and bleaching strips are the next best thing. Not only are they budget-friendly, but some of them even claim to lighten your teeth by ten shades.

If it sounds too good to be true, we at Closer have put some to the test. We've selected some of our personal favourites that we use all the time, along with other highly recommended whitening strips for your teeth. Eager to get started? Shop the best bleaching strips below.

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Best bleaching strips for teeth (Editor's choice)

Crest 3D Professional Effects LUXE White StripsThe White Smiles

Crest comes to mind straight away when we think of whitening, and these 3D Professional Effects Luxe White Strips are some of the best from the brand by far. Is it any wonder these enamel-safe, no-slip grip strips with long-lasting results have been voted the #1 whitening product worldwide? Real customer reviews show the difference these strips have made, with one fan of the product stating they've noticed the difference in just a week. Another claimed it didn't cause any sensitivity to their teeth either, so it's definitely a win for us.


  • Removes up to 14 years of stains
  • No-slip grip means they stay put
  • FlexFit technology for a comfortable fit


  • Price points vary considerably between the different amounts

Best rated bleaching strips for teeth

Amazon Lumineux Teeth Whitening StripsAmazon

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $44.99

As part of your daily routine, you'll be pleased to know that these highly reviewed Lumineux Teeth Whitening Strips have been approved for daily use. Dentist-formulated, enamel-safe and free from any nasties, these strips lighten your smile, even without the use of hydrogen peroxide. Fans of the product say that, even with sensitive teeth, these strips didn't cause any irritation, and they were delighted with how easy they were to apply.


  • Highly reviewed on Amazon
  • Whitens without sensitivity
  • Approved for daily use


  • May take repeated use to see desired effect

Best bleaching strips for sensitive teeth

Instead of traditional methods, HiSmile's Sensitivity-Free PAP+ Whitening Strips™ use a certain technology to gently lift stains. But, what actually is PAP+, and how does it work? The website reveals that PAP contains active ingredients to lighten the teeth without the use of free radicals. That means any molecules that cause the teeth to yellow over time are broken down safely without any sensitivity or pain, so we love that these bestselling strips are perfect for those with sensitive teeth.


  • Use a sensitivity-free PAP based formula
  • Fast results after just one treatment
  • Includes 7 individual on-the-go treatments


  • Takes a bit of work to peel them off the teeth

Best budget bleaching strips for teeth

Of course, if you're looking for a budget option, Amazon's Advanced 5D Teeth Whitening Strips are the way to go. When we put these to the test, we noticed a considerably whiter smile in just one use. We loved that they were so convenient to apply, with fast results that you can easily see a difference in. Not to mention they're a reasonable price, with multiple packs of strips included, making them fantastic value for money. One customer agreed, saying they worked wonders for a brighter smile.


  • Fantastic value for money
  • Visibly whiter teeth after one use
  • Free from sulphates and enamel-safe


  • Will have to rinse after you use due to residue

Best recommended bleaching strips for teeth

Smile Therapy

The Smile Therapy Teeth Whitening Strips come highly recommended, with thousands of reviews on site. Penetrating beneath the enamel to gently lift stains, these whitening strips ensure a brighter smile in just half an hour. Fans of the product were delighted to say that say they stay put, don't cause sensitivity and are already a shade lighter after just a few uses. We're sold.


  • Use a sensitivity-free PAP based formula
  • Highly rated by customers
  • 100 per cent vegan certified


  • Stick to the teeth well - may take a minute to remove

Best trending bleaching strips for teeth

Spotlight Oral Care Ultra Teeth Whitening StripsSpotlight Oral Care

New to the arena are Spotlight Oral Care's Ultra Teeth Whitening Strips, and they're already making a name for themselves. Made up of clinically proven ingredients developed by dentists, these strips use active ingredients to maintain a pearly white smile without irritation. Customers are already raving with results, saying it took them a few uses to see impressive results. Plus, it comes with a free whitening toothpaste. Can't argue with that.


  • Comes with a free Ultra Whitening Toothpaste
  • Contains clinically proven ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Recommended time to leave on is one hour

Best bestselling bleaching strips for teeth

Amazon Dentelo Professional Teeth Whitening StripsAmazon
Price: $13.99

The Dentelo Professional Teeth Whitening Strips are a one-way ticket to whiter teeth. At fabulous value for money, these gentle strips are formulated with enamel-safe ingredients, including PAP, for less sensitivity. Right now, they're the bestselling teeth whitening strips on Amazon. According to reviewers, these strips stick to your teeth very well without causing any sensitivity. One customer even said that they were 'over the moon' with the results.


  • Enamel safe ingredients
  • Uses PAP+ whitening formula
  • Anti-slip technology


  • Result may not be as long-lasting for some

Best clinically proven bleaching strips for teeth

Smiletime Premium PAP Teeth Whitening StripsSmiletime

Relaunched with a new PAP formula, the Premium PAP Teeth Whitening Strips from Smiletime have been designed with convenience in mind. Over the course of a week, clinical trials have shown that teeth lighten by up to five shades. A reviewer agreed, saying they were the 'best she'd used,' with another saying 'they made teeth white without hurting enamel'. According to the site, the brand is backed by 30 years of dental expertise, and who couldn't do with a bit of that?


  • Uses PAP+ whitening formula
  • Clinical trials show teeth up to five stages lighter
  • Vegan friendly


  • Strips may be more difficult to apply

Best popular bleaching strips for teeth

Amazon Venus Visage Teeth Whitening StripsAmazon

Rrp: $18.95

Price: $9.95

Getting all of the attention right now, these Venus Visage Teeth Whitening Strips have racked up thousands of reviews on Amazon. Eliminating years of stubborn stains, they're dentist-approved and enamel-safe for your peace of mind. The strips themselves are made from an anti-slip design that are flexible and fit comfortably to your teeth. A reviewer commented that it gave them 'sparkly, pearly whites after one use'.


  • Highly reviewed on Amazon
  • Flexible design for a comfortable fit
  • Anti-slip technology


  • May have to rinse after you use due to residue

Best gentle teeth whitening strips

Amazon MySmile Teeth Whitening StripsAmazon
Price: £13.94 (was £15.49)

Whitening without harm, these MySmile Teeth Whitening Strips supposedly whiten teeth by ten shades(!) Offering a gentler and more natural alternative to teeth whitening, these whitening strips are said to contain naturally derived ingredients to lift stubborn stains and brighten your smile. A fan of the product said that they were 'amazed at the difference they've made', with another saying it gave them a 'glowing smile'. Hollywood pearly whites on a budget? Yes, please.


  • Whitens teeth by ten shades
  • Contain a non-sensitive formula
  • Peroxide free


  • May take a few uses to get desired result


What causes teeth to stain?

Certain food, drink, medication and lifestyle choices can cause teeth to stain yellow over time. Teeth discolouration is common in people who drink a lot of tea, coffee, red wine and in those who smoke. Other factors like medications, medical conditions, aging and genetics can also play a part in this.

It's important to visit your dentist regularly to remove any staining and plaque build-up. However, in between appointments, you may also be able to use whitening strips, whitening powders or whitening toothpastes to brighten the shade of your teeth.

When is the best time to use bleaching strips for teeth?

Many dentists recommend brushing teeth beforehand, and waiting at least half an hour to apply bleaching strips on your teeth in order to avoid gum irritation.

How often you should use whitening strips depends on the brand, so always read the instructions first. Some brands may recommend using their whitening strips twice a day, some daily and some even less than this. Always check the guidelines beforehand.

What are the best bleaching strips recommended by dentists?

Be sure to follow Dr Hanna Kinsella’s tips for teeth whitening before using your bleaching strips. The celebrity dentist at Icy Bear Dental recommends, 'Choosing a teeth whitening brand that contains fluoride, as this is essential for fighting decay and protecting against cavities. It decreases demineralisation, enhancing remineralization and inhibiting bacterial activity.'

How to use bleaching strips for teeth?

Ever wondered how to use at home whitening strips? It honestly couldn't be any easier. Just check out our top tips below, and you'll have pearly white teeth in no time:

Step one: Read the instructions carefully to make sure they're suitable for you to use.

Step two: Brush your teeth and wait at least thirty minutes before applying your teeth whitening strips.

Step three: Apply the strips, gel first, onto both the top set and bottom set of your teeth.

Step four: Wait for the amount of time specified on the instructions to allow strips to work.

Step five: Remove your strips, rinse your mouth, and repeat the process at a later on.

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