Run, don’t walk – Aldi’s launched a new cruelty-free CBD range from just £1.99

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Aldi new CBD range

by Caitlin Casey |

Okay, we've all been OBSESSED with the Aldi range before. From reed diffusers and candles to hanging egg chairs and the best skincare dupes, we just can't get enough.

Well now, pals, get ready for even more of the infamous health and beauty brand Lacura at Aldi because they've just launched a new CBD range that you won't want to miss.

Including a variety of pampering products like CBD Bath Salts (£4.99), Face Sheet Masks (£1.99) and Candles (£4.99) that are all infused with the highest-quality CBD, they're ones to grab. You'll also have to stock up your skincare with a new special CBD Cleanser (£4.99), Toner (£4.99) and Moisturiser (£4.99) - also available as a Collection (£14.97).

Not already on the CBD wave? Well, this is your chance to jump on the bandwagon. With #CBDbeauty having over a reach of 300k on Tik Tok, more brands than ever are getting involved with a healing hemp range.

What does it really do, though, you ask? Well, CBD is actually extracted from the cannabis sativa plant - also known as hemp - and has calming properties such as relieving dryness and reduce skin irritation. DW, though, because it doesn't have any hallucinatory features, so you'll just get all the best benefits of the plant without going loopy.

Aldi's range starts from just £1.99 for face masks, having a unique formula of CBD in the cruelty-free selection. Check out our faves from the collection below.

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Here's what to buy from the new Aldi CBD range

Aldi Lacura CBD Collection
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Grab the exclusive online bundle of the Aldi Lacura CBD toner, moisturiser and cleanser. The cleanser stimulates collagen production whilst hydrating and the toner and moisturiser boosts the protective barrier of your skin to keep you hydrating. All three of the skincare essentials include 100mg CBD Isolate which offers optimum strength and premium quality.

Aldi Scentcerity CBD Candle
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Say hello to the CBD-infused candle, which includes 200mg of CBD, more than the skincare set. This will set the tone for a pamper session to make you feel super indulgent.

Aldi Vitality Peppermint CBD Bath Salts
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What's a bath without some bath salts to make you feel smooth and exfoliated? It relieves tension and softens the skin with this peppermint and mint choice.

Aldi Vitality Rose CBD Bath Salts
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Peppermint not your thing? Grab the rose bath salts for a CBD-infused pamper.

Aldi Lacura CBD Cleanser
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You can also buy the skincare set separately, but these are only available in-store, so we'd say splash out and grab the bundle above.

Aldi Lacura CBD Moisturiser
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The moisturiser is also available separately in-store, for a hydrating and youthful boost for your everyday routine.

Aldi Lacura CBD Toner
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Toning after cleansing and before moisturising is key to soaking up all that moisture, with glycerol and sunflower seed oil for easy use. Also available in-store.

Aldi Lacura CBD Face Masks
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The Lacura CBD Tea Tree Sheet Mask (£1.99) and Detoxing Charcoal Sheet Mask (£1.99) are only available to buy in-store for now.

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