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best affordable LED face masks

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If you love to treat yourself to an at-home beauty treatment, an LED face mask is one of the best ways to see visible results. When looking to emulate a professional facial treatment, treating your skin to some LED light therapy can help solve burning skin concerns, without needing to spend £200 for a professional facial. A treatment that celebrities such as Victoria Beckham swear by for camera-ready skin, the LED face mask is a great way to improve the condition of your skin - and what's even better than a LED face mask? An affordable LED face mask.

Although you might've discovered the best face serum for your skin that treats any day-to-day skin concerns, investing in beauty tech is a great way to see results in the long term. Much like a moisturising face mask, an LED mask gets to work on your skin for a moment of self-care or as you continue with your daily tasks. Simply apply for 10 or 15 minutes a day to see visible results and to enjoy a moment of zen.

Closer's best affordable LED Face Masks at a glance:

Best affordable LED face mask for glow: MAGNITONE London Get Lit Tri Colour LED Face Mask, £75 on LookFantastic.

Best affordable LED face mask to produce collagen: CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask, £299 on CurrentBody.

Best affordable LED face mask to treat multiple concerns: SENSSE Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask, £139.99 on Boots.

So how does a LED face mask work? Typically, red LED light works to restore the collagen in the skin and treat any fine lines - perfect for those looking for an anti-aging treatment. However, if you struggle with acne, blemishes and oily skin, you can opt for a blue LED light as it's super antibacterial and helps to reduce any congestion. Craving some glow? If your skin is looking slightly dull and is craving some radiance, we recommend trying a yellow LED light to boost circulation.

Although the idea of indulging in a professional LED mask sounds too luxurious for your current budget, fear not. We've done what we do best and searched the internet to find the best affordable LED face masks you can shop to see visible results without the need to take out a bank loan.

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Best affordable LED face mask for glow

MAGNITONE London Get Lit Tri Colour LED Face MaskMAGNITONE London

Pick up this affordable LED face mask for less than £100. Magnitone's Get Lit Face Mask sits comfortably on the face using glasses-style frames that suit every face shape. Made with three LED settings, this mask targets a range of skin concerns that can be treated with the different shades of LED light. This mask has been made to work around your life as you can determine how long your treatment can last.

Customer review: "I love this mask. I use it a few times a week for 15 minutes at a time and I am definitely seeing a improvement in my skin."


  • Mask automatically turns off after 15 mins
  • Made with three LED light shades


  • Doesn't cover entire face

Best affordable LED face mask to produce collagen

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face MaskCurrentBody

CurrentBody knows a thing or two about LED light therapy, and this mask is one to have on your radar if you're serious about skincare. This mask only needs to be worn for ten minutes at least three to five times a week for visible results. Not only do the red light waves get to work to produce collagen and calm redness, but the 'pillow technology' means the mask sits comfortably on the face for optimum coverage.

Customer review: "I have been using for just over a month and can already see a difference. My skin texture is a lot more even and feels much softer. My bags under my eyes have reduced and I am also starting to notice a reduction in my fine lines."


  • Visible results in four weeks
  • Works for sensitive skin


  • Red LED light only

Best affordable LED face mask to treat multiple concerns

SENSSE Professional LED Light Therapy Face MaskSENSSE

Looking for a LED face mask to treat a range of skin concerns? The Sensse Light Therapy LED Face Mask is one to add straight to your shopping bag. The lightweight silicone mask sits comfortably on the skin, so you're able to take some time to relax or continue with your day. This mask is made up of 90 LED lights targeting the skin at different levels to treat a range of concerns like collagen growth, improving the appearance of fine lines or blemishes.

Customer review: "I bought one of these masks having read about how the lights can effectively reduce wrinkles (I saw an advert for Victoria Beckham’s version, priced at over £1000 - then read a related article extolling the virtues of this one). I have just started using it, so cannot yet comment on how well it works on fine lines, however, I purchased one for my daughter, who says the different light combinations have proved very successful at ridding her of a painful spot/blemish overnight."


  • Four different light options
  • Silicone mask sits comfortably


  • Some reviews say mask isn't as snug around the eye area

Best affordable LED face mask powered by a remote

Silk'n Facial LED Mask 100 LEDSSilk'n Facial

Tailor your self-care treatment with Silk'n Facial's LED Mask. Made up of 100 LEDs, this clever device gets to work on a range of skin concerns and is safe to use on all skin types. Control your treatment with the attached remote to choose between the two modes and four light settings whenever you're in need of some much needed TLC.

Customer review: "So happy I decided to go ahead and purchase this. It’s totally transformed my skin in a short amount of time. I’m acne prone and daily use is reducing those spots that would hang around for many days. It’s also so comfortable to use. I build up my usage initially from every other day to now using it on auto every day and I love it!"


  • Mask uses red, blue, purple and yellow LED lights to treat the skin
  • Rechargeable battery, 2-3 hours recharge time


  • Bulky to store

Best affordable LED face mask under £100

On sale

Eclat Skin London Ultimate Skin Treatment 3 Colour Led Mask
Eclat Skin London
Price: £80.10 (was £89)

Running out of time to treat your skin to a touch of self-care? Eclat Skin London's LED mask is your perfect solution to target your skin concerns in a hurry. This perfect at-home treatment works to create super glowy skin in as little as 15 minutes. Choose between the three LED light shades depending on what skin concern you want to target and relax.

Customer review: "Noticed a difference in my skin after a week, plumper and softer and dark circles around eyes gone."


  • Easy-to-use LED mask
  • Lightweight to wear


  • Not a lot of LED coverage under the eyes

What are the benefits of using an LED mask?

The variety of LED lights targets different major skin concerns. Depending on whether you want to focus on anti-ageing, controlling blemishes or revealing radiance will depend on what shade of LED to use. LED light therapy is beneficial as it typically is used in a professional environment, but the treatment can be used at home.

How often should I be using an LED mask?

Most beauty tech brands recommend that you use an LED face mask treatment 3-5 times a week for at least 10 minutes to see visible results. After reading the reviews, we've discovered that consumers can typically see results after 4 weeks of consistent use.

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