How young is too young to get married a la Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik?

Closer writers Jack White and Fiona Day debate on whether there is a correct age for marriage


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Perrie and Zayn are too young for marriage, says Jack White


I was relieved to hear Little Mix's Perrie and One Direction's Zayn are putting wedding plans on hold until their schedules are less hectic.

At 20 and 21, having got engaged one year into their relationship, I believe they are way too young to be rushing into marriage. Both are part of award winning bands- their dreams have come true and this is what they should be focusing on.

Equally, they still have so much growing up to do, and who knows if they will still be right for each other once their personalities are 'fully formed'?

Celebrities are notorious for rushing into marriage, but we also see a lot of celebrity weddings sadly ending in divorce.

What’s wrong in just being in a relationship? Perrie and Zayn spend such a large amount of their lives on tour that they would hardly see each other anyway.

I think they should call the engagement off and spend time working on what really matters: carving a strong and successful career that will last for years to come.

If I was one of the couple’s band mates, I would put them on a wedding ban. Weddings lead to babies, and maternity leave doesn’t exactly work when it comes to being part of the two biggest bands in the world. There is still so much time for weddings and babies.

Age shouldn't matter, says Fiona Day

When it comes to marriage, I don’t think age matters. You can have a successful career and be married. Once you’ve found ‘The One’ then why wait around?

Most of us wait to save up for a wedding, celebrities already have the funds for the wedding of their dreams so why the delay?

We often see celebrities rushing into marriage, planning weddings after knowing each other for mere weeks. In Zayn and Perrie’s case, they got engaged after a year, which is pretty standard. They’re taking their time to plan their

wedding and enjoy their engagement rather than rushing into it.

When it comes to marriage, I think that age doesn’t decide whether or not a marriage will last, or if a couple could ever be ‘ready’ for marriage. I say if it feels right, then go for it.

Zayn has Perrie's picture tattooed on his arm

I know couples that married as teenagers and have stayed together for decades, going on to enjoy a happy life together. Saying that, I do know people who married straight out of university and ended up heading on a one-way road to Splitsville.

Then again, I also know middle-aged couples that married after knowing each other for just a few months, some split and some didn’t. Divorce doesn’t seem to discriminate.

I think that if they feel ready for marriage and there’s nothing else they want to accomplish in that part of their lives, then they should go ahead and giddily head down the aisle. Life is too short to worry about the future.

In terms of Zayn and Perrie, we only have to look at fellow pop band The Saturdays and their happy marriages and pregnancies. Three of the girls are now married with children (two of which are still in their early twenties), and they continue to work together as a band. Both Zayn and Perrie can clearly enjoy a happy home life and continue to enjoy successful careers, it’s what they’ve been doing up until now anyway- why not make it official?

Age shouldn’t matter.

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