‘No woman should pay for her own engagement ring,’ insists Myleene Klass – but is she right?

Myleene Klass recently said that a woman should never have to pay for her own engagement ring. Now Closer writers Kayleigh Dray and Jessica Rach are going head-to-head to debate the issue…


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Myleene Klass recently spoke out against her ex-husband Graham Quinn on Loose Women, revealing that she is disappointed he allowed her to pay for her own engagement ring - especially when their divorce cost her almost £2million.

She said: "You shouldn't be paying for your own engagement ring.

"Ultimately I do believe that, whether it's out of a Kinder Egg or you're like Jackie O, it's the sentiment behind it.

"What does it matter how big it is?"

But is Myleene Klass right - does a woman have no place in the purchase of her engagement ring? Closer writers Kayleigh Dray and Jessica Rach have gone head-to-head to debate the topic...


Closer’s writer Kayleigh Dray on why marriage is a commitment that BOTH of you should be responsible for

I can understand the appeal of having someone buy you an engagement ring - trust me. And, while it might be nice to expect your partner to spend 3 months of their salary on a sparkling rock, in today's day and age, that isn't necessarily very realistic - or fair.

More and more of us are living with our partners before marriage. And more and more of us have discussed the possibility of getting married in the future - in fact, plenty of us know exactly when our partner is going to 'pop the question'.

So, if we know all that, why shouldn't we help split the cost of the diamond? Or 'go Dutch', as it were?

Helping to pay for your engagement ring doesn't make it any less romantic

If your partner is happy to pay for the ring and surprise you, then obviously that's fine. Amazing, even - who doesn't want a romantic diamond all of their own?

But, with house prices constantly going up and weddings costing an absolute bomb, it makes sense to halve the cost between the pair of you.

The sentiment is still there - he still wants to share his life with you, he's still asked you to be his wife. The ring still represents your unity and togetherness. The only difference is you're taking a hand in your future as a couple - and starting to make a commitment to doing things together.


Closer’s writer Jessica Rach on why paying for your own engagement ring makes you the ultimate bridezilla

I am far from conventional, and not particularly pro-marriage. However I believe if you enter such a traditional establishment, you should do things the customary way.

If a man decides to ask for a woman's 'hand in marriage', going halves on the ring- or even getting the woman to buy the ring- takes away from any romance, surprise and even the act of the proposal. These are all things traditionally connected to marriage. This doesn't mean the man should spend his last pennies on a ring, but having something concrete to 'cement' his proposal is the key.

Buying your own ring takes away from the romance

If the woman is happy to engineer the proposal, ring and marriage, then why not buy a ring for the man and propose herself? If you want to be unconventional, you may as well go the whole hog.

But buying a ring is, to me, pre-bridezilla behaviour; it's not traditional, it's not romantic - it's just another way of staying in control.

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