The Unspoken Rules of Female Friendship

More political than a government election campaign, girl code may be unwritten- but hell hath no fury like a BFF scorned.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
Published on

****Fret no more- we have made the unwritten, written.

Don’t date the ex

You helped her pick her outfit for their first date, you’ve gone on double dates together, she confided her relationship troubles in you, you helped her get over her heartbreak, and now you’re dating him.

No, no, just no. Her ex should not be your next. Apart from being mildly incestuous, this is territory you just do not enter.


Don’t tell her she looks fat

Honesty is great, but if she’s staring at you through tear-filled eyes asking if you can see her mummy tummy in the seventh dress she has tried on that afternoon, lie.

As long as you don’t let her leave the house in an all white leather catsuit with a camel-toe situation while she’s going through her Rihanna phase, a little white lie won’t hurt.

Be loyal

If she breaks up with her man, so should you. Not with your man that is, but with her man.

Yes you struggled to bond with the toe-rag and then struck up an unlikely friendship with him for her sake, getting attached to him like you would to, say, a smelly stray cat. But now that he’s on her blacklist, your loyalties lie with her.

Don’t steal friends

You introduce your two besties imagining a ‘three musketeers sailing happily into the sunset’ scenario. Suddenly you’re at the beach alone while your former BFFs sail off together.

Integrating a friendship group is great, but if you were introduced to Kate through Jane, ensure Jane is always included on dates. For the first 6 months anyway.

Don’t ditch her for your man

Just like the bros before hoes rule, it’s sisters before misters. As they say, men may come and go but friends are for life.

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