What’s the most attractive trait in a woman? Our ‘Mantalk’ columnist gives his opinion

Of all those initials you see in dating ads, GSOH must be the most overused.


by Andrew Hartley |
Published on

Those four little letters that effectively say: ‘Make me laugh and you could be in my knickers by midnight!’

Unsurprisingly, research shows that men who are funny are more attractive to women. Surprisingly, a recent survey showed that includes Johnny Vegas and Boris Johnson.

Hot stuff if you’re into tubbies or Tories!

'the thing we’ll really notice about you is if you can crack us up'

Ok, so men can joke their way into your affections, but haven’t we missed something?

Where’s the research into how women turn us on with a wicked sense of humour?

Because as much as looks come into it at the very start – when we spot you across that crowded bar or office – the thing we’ll really notice about you is if you can crack us up, share our love of the ridiculous and be a bit naughty (we don’t mind a potty mouth, just so long as it’s not in front of our mum!)

There is nothing more off-putting than someone who takes life seriously. And there is NOTHING more attractive than a woman who can make us laugh.

A GSOH is the thing that’ll take it from short-term fling to ‘This girl’s a keeper’.A date with Eva Mendes? Are you having a laugh – I’d prefer Sarah Millican!

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