Right or wrong? Man shaves nephew’s head as punishment for ‘acting too grown’

An uncle decided to punish his nephew for acting older than his age- by shaving the top of his head


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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The photo, which was posted on image sharing site Reddit, shows a young boy crying, with the top part of his head shaved off as though he had gone bald.

The caption reads: "Since my nephew wants to act grown, I'm gonna help him look the part".(sic)

However not everyone was impressed with the uncle's disciplining methods.

One user wrote:

"Wow... Traumatizing your kid and then publicly shaming him in front of the world."

Another added:

"I definitely don't think I could have taken a pic of a kid who just got in trouble and had his heart crushed. However, one of my favorite pictures I have of my husband was taken by his mom when he was 3 or 4 and had also just gotten in trouble.

"We don't know exactly what this kid did for his parents to decide this was his punishment. Maybe this is exactly the type of tough-love punishment that this kid needs."

Another follower felt the punishment was necessary, arguing:

"I remember one time in middle school, this kid's mom came in the classroom and spanked him with her house shoe during the middle of class, because he was being pretty obnoxious. And now, that boy is now an alcoholic firefighter."

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Did this man take his nephew's punishment too far?

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