How involved should you get in your friend or sibling’s relationship a la Solange Knowles?

After the leaked footage from last week which showed Solange Knowles attacking her sister Beyonce’s husband Jay Z, Closer writer Jack White asks when you cross the line and become too involved in a friend or sibling’s relationship.


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The leaked footage of Solange attacking Jay Z was all anybody could talk about last week. The obvious burning question on everyone's lips was ‘what made Solange flip out like that?’

Rumours and reasons have been flying about, but the one that keeps popping up is that Jay must have disrespected his wife in some way.

If this is the case, was Solange too involved in her sister’s relationship or was she doing the right thing?

Solange should have let Beyonce deal with her own relationship
Solange should have let Beyonce deal with her own relationship

I believe you should always be there for those close to you if they’re having problems in a relationship, it’s what friends and family are for. So listen to their problems, offer constructive advice and just be available.

But personally I would never get that involved in a friend’s relationship. I think that’s when it get’s messy and, to be quite honest, it’s nobody’s business but tthose in the relationship.

Past experiences have made me learn from my mistakes: friends asking for my advice and then going back and telling their partner’s everything I had said against them, when at the time I only had my friend’s interests at heart.

A relationship is between two people

This makes things become incredibly awkward when that friend inevitably chooses to stay with that partner.

If the reason behind the attack was in fact to do with a problem Jay and Beyonce were having, Solange crossed the line. Beyonce is a grown woman and can deal with her problems herself.

By getting involved she not only made it awkward for all involved, but, if incidents like that were to continue to happen, she will eventually put Beyonce in an extremely difficult position when her husband begins to resent her sister.

Have you had any similar experiences? Let us know in the comments box below.

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