Mind the gap? Susan Sarandon doesn’t think so…

She flew off a cliff into the Grand Canyon in Thelma & Louise – and Susan Sarandon has spoken about throwing herself into another huge gap. At 67, she's happily dating a man 30 years younger.


by Andrew Hartley |
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But recent pictures of new granny Susan and her 37-year-old boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin have been slated online with comments ranging from 'yuk' and 'sad' to 'he has mother issues'. Since when did trolls have a degree in Psychology?

Susan is going out on a limb with her taste in younger fellas though. A new report into dating habits says women almost always prefer the looks of men who are a similar age. But – surprise, surprise – men rated women aged 20 as most attractive. Trouble is, that preference doesn't change as those guys get older. Even men well into their 50s reported finding women aged 20-22 as most attractive. Is that a bit creepy? It's certainly getting into Susan-gap territory...

Age gap? What age gap?
Age gap? What age gap?

Isn't it unfair that she gets ridiculed for being a 'super-cougar', while there's no poking fun at the likes of Michael Douglas for his 25 year age gap with Catherine Zeta-Jones - and no-one seems at all surprised when men happily admit if they could pull someone 30 years younger they'd be all over her like a wasp on full-fat Coke?

Meanwhile, despite the many challenges posed by a large age gap relationship (especially evident when Antiques Roadshow clashes with X Factor), Susan says she's not bothered as she only goes for the 'soul of a person'. I wonder how many of those 50-something men who confess to admiring 20-year-old's are only attracted to their souls?

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