Mantalk: When it’s too soon to worry about weight

Jordan's never been shy of controversy. Posing in knickers and a crop top just three weeks after having a baby to show off a waistline that Barbie would be proud of is bound to irritate other new mums.

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by Andrew Hartley |
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She might defy the laws of physics, but newly post-baby bodies aren't meant to look chiseled and sculpted - and that goes for both sexes. Just look at how hubby Kieran Hayler (no doubt guilt-ridden over his cheating scandal) has sacked off the gym to throw himself into the baby care routine - becoming a more 'cuddly' Kieran in the process.

Kieran has been looking slightly chunkier of late

He's not alone. On average, new dads put on 1 1/2st after the birth of a child through a combined lack of exercise, increased takeaway meals and sleepless nights.

But as their little ones grow, so do they. Research shows men rarely lose this extra weight – which is worrying as almost one in five men die annually in the UK from heart disease.

New mums or dads shouldn't be worrying about weight (it's much too soon when there's a baby to fret about) – but there will come a time when looking after yourself is as important as looking after little ones. In the long term, being healthy and being there for them is the same thing.

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