Man talk with Closer’s Andrew Hartley: sticking to New Year’s resolutions

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It’s that time of year when we should pause for reflection, look back across the year that’s just gone, and vow to do one thing to make it an even better one in 2014. Yes, it’s resolutions time.

For men, this means halfheartedly promising things like running a marathon, cutting back on the booze a bit, and travelling to new places. Put that together and you’ve got a brisk walk to an expensive bar on the far side of town.

Meanwhile, if you’re having trouble thinking of a resolution for the next 12 months, here are some suggestions for you ladies. Just choose one and repeat 10 times a day. On behalf of men everywhere, Happy New Year!

    **The Man Repellant **

    #8 Onesies

    Wearing one of these at home isn’t the worst thing you can do – you’ll just look like a giant toddler. But what about those – like actress Michelle Keegan – who think it’s acceptable to actually leave the house in one? I suspect the message is supposed to be: “I’m cute and fun.” Sadly, the message received is: “I’m clinically deranged.”

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