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There’s a Sex And The City quote about men that I really like (yes, I was forced to watch it). It’s the one about us being like taxis – when we’re ready to settle down and have kids, it’s like a light goes on.

It’s true that it’s pretty random. For some reason, the dating game suddenly loses its appeal and family life looks a lot more appealing. Yes, of course it has something to do with meeting Ms Right, but a man can go through a lot of Ms Rights before switching his light on. A large part is simply down to timing, and realising you’ve finally grown up.

That taxi comparison is something newly single Kelly Brook might have paid a bit more attention to. Kelly, 33, has often said her dearest wish is to settle down. Yet she pinned her hopes on 25-year-old Danny Cipriani. That’s right, the guy whose idea of a good night out is getting hammered and wrestling a double-decker bus. Oh, and allegedly sexting big-breasted women. Let me tell you, there aren’t that many guys aged 25 who are thinking marriage and babies. The average age for a man to marry is 31, a new dad averages 32 – and those ages are on the rise.

If you’re desperate to get married and have children, it goes without saying you need someone who’s in the same mindset. Don’t think you can persuade a man to switch his light on. As Kelly found out, it’s impossible.

Man myths

#20 Forgetting special days doesn't mean we don't care

There are many things men do that could lead you to think we don’t care, but don’t confuse it with forgetfulness. Just because you remember the song that was playing when he proposed, it doesn’t mean you care more. Science reveals that men and women use different parts of their brains to form memories – women are able to remember things better because they do it “emotionally,” whereas men do it “visually.” Maybe “visually” remind him about that upcoming anniversary by writing it in big letters in his diary?

30-second man decoder

He says: Your brother-in-law rang. Your sister's had the baby.

He means: That's all I know. No, I didn't ask if it was a boy or girl, the name or birth weight, or if your sister is doing OK. or if the baby is feeding OK. I just got the important bit – she's had a baby!

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