Hand Angel: Charity vow to help physically disabled people to masturbate

A charity have revealed why they are giving free hand-jobs (and kisses) to the physically disabled


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There is a great deal of care available for the physically disabled - although, in many countries, there is absolutely no aid available when it comes to intimate issues.

Namely, orgasms.

In a bid to stop disabled people's sexuality from being neglected, 50-year-old Vincent - who lost both of his legs to polio - has set up the charity Hand Angel.

The charity's volunteers give hand jobs to the physically disabled - as well as caresses and kisses - in a bid to give them an opportunity to feel a sexual, emotional connection.

Which - in Taiwan, where sex remains a taboo - has proven to help physically disabled people to build up their confidence and sense of belonging.

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Vincent explained to Vice UK: "Disabled people share the same physical and emotional needs as any others, and therefore should have the right to pursue them."

In order to decide who's entitled to use their services, Hand Angel ensure that the person is recognised by the government as having a serious physical impairment, but is not mentally disabled.

Once their entitlement to the service is established, the applicant can apply to receive free sexual stimulation - although they are only allowed to use the service three times.

And there's no denying that Hand Angel has proven a success in the disabled community, with charity workers explaining how they worked with a boy named Andy, who suffered from muscular dysothropy.

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They said: "The volunteer caressed him thoroughly and gave him a handjob. He described the intimacy as being so intense that, for a minute, he believed he was in love.

"He knew it was only temporary, of course, but the experience provided him with an emotional connection he'd never felt before."

And Andy added: "I didn't feel I was the target of pity. The whole process was full of respect and equality.

"This might be deemed as controversial by society, but as long as you're willing to look into it, what we desire is no different from others."

Hand Angel aren't alone in believing that the disabled are entitled to orgasms; a government-funded grant scheme in The Netherlands provides people with disabilities the money to pay for sexual services up to 12 times a year.

At the moment, there is no such scheme available in the United Kingdom.

What do you think - should the UK government set up a similar scheme to help the physically disabled? Let us know via the poll below now.

Do you think the UK government set up a similar scheme to help the physically disabled?

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