Dr Christian: Painful lumps in armpits

GP & TV presenter Dr Christian Jessen answers your health questions


by Closer Staff |
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I often get small, painful lumps in the skin of my armpits, which come and go. Is this something serious or could they just be spots? Jo, by email

******Dr Christian says: Your lumps are most likely to be small boils in the skin, or even infected hair follicles. In most cases, the infection will clear spontaneously but, sometimes, antibiotics will be required, and occasionally the infected cyst will need to be drained surgically. Another possible cause of lumps in the armpit is enlarged lymph glands. These may be due to minor skin infections, perhaps picked up while shaving under the arms. It is very unlikely the lumps have a more serious cause but, if you have any concerns, you should always see your GP.

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