Dr Christian causes Twitter controversy: ‘Paedophilia isn’t a choice’

Dr Christian Jessen has sparked Twitter controversy with his views on paedophilia.


by Jack White |
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The 37-year-old took to the social media site to insist that paedophiles don’t choose to be the way they are, just as minority groups such as homosexals do not.

He wrote: “No I don’t think paedophilia is a choice like I don’t think homosexual is a choice. And yes I have used both words in the same sentence!

“There is a fine line between what is a sexual orientation and what is a paraphilia. It’s a fascinating debate. Discuss it but don’t hurl abuse.”

Unsurprisingly his comments were met with online backlash.

One user wrote: “But what you do is a choice. A homosexual doesn’t go raping other men. I hope you’re not justifying child rapists’ actions.”

Another added: “these sick pervs do have a choice the poor children who they hurt don’t! I’ve lost al respect for you [sic].”

But the opinion was split, with many agreeing with the Doctor, arguing that a paedophile does not automatically equal a sex offender.

One said: “Definitely not the urges, but actions are certainly choice… (I’m totally with you btw. Treatment ftw)”

And another commented: “Exactly, the choice is what a person in such a situation then does [sic]”

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Do you agree with Dr Christian?

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