Closer psychologist Emma Kenny on helping a friend come out

Our therapist and TV psychologist Emma Kenny is here to make sense of your emotional issues


by Closer Staff |
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Getting to know yourself can be a lengthy process. Often, we can find ourselves confused about our feelings in many areas of our lives. This can be particularly present when exploring our sexual identity. For some of us, we know right away that we’re straight, gay, or bisexual – and we have the confidence to live that way from the off.

However, for others, feeling comfortable with their sexuality is far more complex. Olympic diver Tom Daley – who revealed he was in a same-sex relationship a couple of weeks ago – said he’d had girlfriends in the past and, though he still fancies girls, has recently fallen in love with a man – believed to be American screenwriter Dustin Lance Black.

There’s a lot we can do to help pals who may be thinking of “coming out.” Here are a few pointers if someone confides in you.


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