Closer psychologist Emma Kenny on how to beat feelings of loneliness

Our therapist and TV psychologist Emma Kenny is here to make sense of your emotional issues


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It doesn’t matter how many friends we have, or how “amazing” our social life appears, we are all susceptible to loneliness.

Model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, 21, is a perfect example of a woman who most people would envy – just look at her amazing eyebrows for a start! Yet even she admits that she sometimes uses work and partying to avoid difficult feelings of loneliness.

However, we shouldn’t try to avoid our emotions, as they can teach us vital lessons. Ironically, loneliness is a shared emotional experience. Every human is touched by it and it sends us an important message: that we need close and supportive relationships.

By seeing loneliness as a trigger for change, we can take steps towards a more fulfilled life experience.

How to deal with loneliness:

Don’t use destructive activities, such as drinking and taking drugs, to erase feelings of loneliness.

Don’t try to avoid loneliness by filling every moment with distractions. Recognise your feelings and figure out what is missing.

Don’t be ashamed of feeling lonely. Confide in family or friends – most people can relate to the feeling and this can make you feel less alone.

Establish what would make life less lonely. Set out achievable aims.

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