Actress Emma Thompson thinks married couples should be forced to take a ‘sabbatical’ from each other every now and then

It’s not a very popular way of keeping a relationship fresh, but Emma Thompson thinks that couples should ‘take a year off from each other’ every once in a while.


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The Nanny McPhee actress, 55, insists she isn’t referring to her own relationship with Greg Wise, but admits she thinks taking a ‘sabbatical’ might be the way forward.

She is currently promoting her new movie The Love Punch, starring alongside Pierce Brosnan, in which they play a formerly married couple.

Emma told a UK newspaper: “I wonder whether this isn’t the way forward for a lot of married couples?

Emma with long-term partner Greg Wise
Emma with long-term partner Greg Wise

“You look at it and think that maybe every marriage should take a kind of sabbatical, that couples should be forced to take a break from each other every so often, if just for a year or so, it’s actually not a bad idea.”

But, while she thinks that having a year or so away from your partner every now and then may be a good thing, Emma doesn’t think that couples should necessarily see other people.

“You need to go off perhaps, although not to be with other people,” she said. “I think that would make things very difficult. All that free love stuff has been tried and tested and doesn’t work and has been proven to make relationships very, very tricky.

“But I’m sure a sabbatical could work if it were done properly.”

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