Young mum publicly shames a father who sent her explicit photos


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Gylisa Jayne, a mummy blogger, has publicly shamed a fellow parent for sending her photos of his genitals on Facebook

There could be many reasons that a man chooses to take a photo of his penis and send it to a woman.

She might be his doctor. She might be his wife or girlfriend who's away for the weekend.

But sometimes, this happens to complete strangers for seemingly no reason at all.

And one mum has had enough of it.

Gylisa Jayne is a mummy blogger from Cornwall (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa Jayne, who is a mummy blogger on Facebook, recently shared a screenshot of a man's profile named Greg from Colorado in the US.

Greg, whose surname and face she had blurred out, had actually sent Gylisa a photo of his nether-region - what some may recognise as a "dick pic".

Greg has no connection to Gylisa, as far as we can make out, so it looks as though he just decided to send her a photo of his genitals for seemingly no reason at all.

Gylisa was pushed to publicly shame the man who had sent her unsolicited "dick pics" (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa, a mum of one from Cornwall, quite often writes brutally honest posts about the reality of motherhood - including this one about the things she wishes people had told her before giving birth.

She also recently wrote about the extortionate costs of prams which resonated with the British mummy community.

The post, which addressed Greg himself, read: "To Greg, owner of a dick. This morning I checked my Facebook pages inbox, and allowed myself some time to read and reply to the wonderful messages I am lucky to receive.

"I saw your name, and that there was a photo attached. This isn't so unusual, I get a lot of photos of beautiful babies sent to me with pride. I get photos of newly-dyed pink hair as per my recommendations for dye and I get screen shots of news articles I have featured in. It's cool, and I love it.

"Then there was you."

Gylisa is mum to Lily (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa then gets to the crux of her post: "For some reasons, Greg, you decided to send me not one, but two photos of the same dick.

"A dick, I presume, that has you attached to it. Disgusted, I clicked on your profile, because I wanted to see what sort of a man likes to send photos like this, to women he does not know."

Gylisa discovered that Greg was a single man, saying that she "breathed a sigh of relief" on find out that info. But she unfortunately then discovered something else that horrified her: "I then re-inhaled my morning breath, because I noticed in your photo - was your daughter. Now that just makes your message even more fucked up."

You may be wondering where Gylisa is going with this, but she quickly clarified her meaning: "Because how would YOU feel, if some random older guy sent a photo of his penis to YOUR daughter? I am someone's daughter too, Greg."

Gylisa brings up her daughter Lily with her partner Ryan (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

The blogger went on to wonder why the creep may have sent the messages: "Maybe you feel like I am not real, because you live across the sea and I only exist in photos to you. Maybe you feel like I was asking for it, because I write about dicks, or sex or vaginas. Maybe to you it's just 'what I should expect when I make myself public.'

"Maybe you will excuse your reasons, tell yourself it's harmless, or that I need to ' take a joke'."

Gylisa then proceeded to lay down the law, telling Greg and her readers exactly why men should not feel that it's ok to send so-called "dick pics": "Well let me tell you something Greg.

"One day, your daughter will have a man push his crotch against her when she's on the train, or she will have a boy grab her breast when she's not expecting it, and she will be called frigid for not reciprocating sexual attention or a slut for taking part.

"One day your daughter will have a man yell at her from a car window, or scaffolding or amongst a gang of his mates. She will trust the wrong man and be betrayed more than once. She will feel lost when she navigates this world that is run by men, and she will feel like all she has to offer is her sexuality."

"And she will most definitely, receive a dirty dick pic like the one you sent me."

Her brutally honest posts about motherhood have gained her quite a following (Credit: Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne) ©Facebook/ Gylisa Jayne

Gylisa ended the powerful post by reminding Greg that he is not better than these sexual predators who may in the future prey on his own daughter: "So when she comes to you, and she cries over some boy, and you separate yourself from 'those boys' and you feel like you are different, or more superior because 'you are a Father' - just know that you are the same piece of shit as all those men, and your daughter deserves better."

She signed the post off with the footer with her name, and then: "Real life woman - not asking for it, mother of another girl - who won't ask for it, sister to another woman - who STILL isn't asking for it, and daughter from ANOTHER woman, who never asked for it."

Gylisa's photo was immediately shared, having now racked up an impressive 334 shares and over 2,000 Facebook likes. There were also nearly 200 comments, almost all of whom were in complete agreement with the young mum.

It's about time men like this started realising the consequences of their actions.

What do you think? Do you think men need to take more responsibility for their actions? Or do you think Gylisa over-reacted and it was harmless fun? We want to hear your thoughts - let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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