Young mum, 22, dies of cervical cancer after being told she was ‘too young’ to have disease

A young mum has tragically died from cervical cancer, after being told she was ‘too young’ to have the disease.


by Ellie Hooper |
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In a story that's becoming all too familiar the 22-year-old reported her symptoms to doctors on repeated occasions, but was ignored.

Jess Evans, 22, complained of abnormal bleeding and bloating, but doctors put the symptoms down to her recent pregnancy.


Jade Goody was 27 when she died of Cervical Cancer
Jade Goody was 27 when she died of Cervical Cancer

Despite visiting her local surgery nine times in a two month period, doctors failed to refer her for a smear test, citing her low age as the reason.

In April 2013, Jess was finally referred for a camera scan in hospital, where a horrified doctor broke the news that she had cancer.

Following the young mum’s death in February, her mother Marie is calling for a change in the rules - and to lower the cervical smear test age to 16.

‘She was having bleeding and she wasn’t feeling very well, really tired all the time.’

‘She kept going and they kept telling her she was anaemic,’ she added.

Marie also recalled the moment her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, describing her as ‘hysterical.’

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