World’s smallest female bodybuilder: “Men love my muscles!”

Amanda Loy may only be 4ft tall, but she certainly packs a punch.

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by Emily Cope |
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Despite her tiny frame, Amanda is a bodybuilder and, far from scaring off the opposite sex, men love her muscles.

Amanda, 23 - who’s officially the world’s smallest bodybuilder - spends 14 hours in the gym each week and eats six meals a day to maintain her physique.

She says: “I love my body. I’ve always been stared at because of my height, but now I get stared at because of my muscles too. I’ve only been bodybuilding for a year but, I’ve already won trophies.

“I enjoy watching my muscles grow, and men think I’m sexy. I’ve got lots of male fans on my website, and I always get compliments on nights out.”

Amanda spends 14 hours a week in the gym with her trainer Gordon

Amanda - who grew up with her parents in Phoenix, Arizona - was born with hypochondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that means her body remains in proportion, despite her height.

She insists her stature has never held her back, saying: “My dwarfism became apparent when I was a toddler, but my parents treated me normally and I did everything for myself. I didn’t get bullied about my size, either.”


After leaving school at 18, Amanda began working in a bar and partying every night.

She says: “I’d be out most nights. I used to drink loads and didn’t have much direction in my life. I used to go to the gym to try to stay in shape, but I never took it very seriously.”

But in 2011, Amanda’s gym routine became more than just a hobby.

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