Women’s rugby player dies, a month after walking away from tackle

A female rugby star has died a month after a tackle landed her in hospital.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Sarah Chesters was tackled during a game she was playing for the Longton Ladies in October, being taken to the ground by a larger player in the opposition.

And despite seeming OK immediately after the incident, the 23-year-old declining hospital treatment and carrying on her commute to and from work in London for weeks, she was rushed to hospital a month later after complaining of feeling dizzy and sick.

After being admitted on November 13, it was revealed Sarah had suffered a stroke, with her condition deteriorating over the next week.

Tragically, the youngster died on November 21st after being taken off life support.

At an inquest into her death, North Staffordshire Coroners Court heard that Sarah died from brain injuries that were probably triggered by the tackle back in October.

Neurosurgeon Simon Shaw told the inquest that Sarah’s death was caused by multiple brain infarctions - where the blood supply is cut off to particular areas.

He agreed that the initial trigger probably had been the blunt trauma to the side of the neck in the rugby match a month earlier.

This caused artery damage, which led to a blood clot, then a stroke.

Her friend and football coach Robert Pilkington said that the fact Sarah carried on as normal despite her injury was typical of her, as she was ‘a battler and had a true fighting spirit.’

‘It was just a complete shock to everyone’ he added.

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