You won’t BELIEVE how many times women cry every month…


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Research has found that the average woman will cry around six times every month - over twice as much as men...

It's just an accepted fact of life that women show their emotions more than men - whether it's actually true or not.

But a study has found that women cry, on average, SIX TIMES every month.

That's more than once a week.

Now, we don't know about you, but that seems quite a lot to us.

Yes, it's good to get it off your chest etc., but we're a little concerned about these women who are crying this often.

WATCH: Loose Women Discuss Crying In Public (Credit: ITV/ Loose Women)

Research undertaken by Hycosan Fresh, an eye-drop manufacturer, has found that women will cry 4,680 times over the course of their adult life, which equates to 72 times a year, and six times a month.

Interestingly, this is over twice as much as men - with the male population shedding a tear only three times a month.

This isn't exactly surprising - but what is noteworthy is the fact that men are apparently less embarrassed about crying than women.


According to the research, four in 10 men aren't bothered about crying in public compared to a third of women.

They even found the top 10 reasons behind the tears...

Are men less embarrassed about crying in public than women? (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

Top 10 reasons women cry

  1. A sad movie, TV show or book

  2. Sad moments or memories

  3. Funerals

  4. Grief

  5. Anxiety, worries or fears

  6. Happy moments or memories

  7. Tiredness

  8. Pain or discomfort

  9. Arguments with your partner

  10. Pride about children

Top 10 reasons men cry

  1. Sad moments or memories

  2. A sad movie, Tv show or book

  3. Funerals

  4. Grief

  5. Happy moments or memories

  6. Pain or discomfort

  7. Anxiety, worries or fears

  8. Arguments with your partner

  9. Sore eyes

  10. Tiredness

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