Woman’s unborn twin found growing on her ovary

A 45-year-old woman has been left horrified after doctors discovered her unborn twin growing inside her.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Medics were giving Jenny Kavanagh an ultrasound on her ovaries, as part of the procedure when having a contraceptive coil implanted, when they discovered something growing in her left ovary.

A 10 cm mass was found growing inside her, which turned out to be Jenny’s unborn twin.


Complete with a face, eye, tooth and black hair, the twin had been absorbed by Kavanagh while in the womb - as she was the stronger foetus.

Luckily for Jenny, surgeons removed her twin before it killed her - as the mass was at risk of rupturing at any moment.

The Twickenham native, who moved to Cyprus in 2005 to escape the rat race, had few gynaecological issues, and has had two successful pregnancies.

But after experiencing heavy periods, the Londoner decided to investigate if it was a contraceptive coil she had inserted 15 years previously.

Jenny explained how her mother was saddened when she heard the news, as she never knew she had been expecting twins.

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