Woman shares empowering naked photo in bid to change the way we think about body image

This photo of a naked woman will make you rethink your views on body image, fat shaming and self-love


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Denise Jolly is on a mission to empower women and convince us that we should all love our bodies, no matter what size.

And now, after releasing a powerful and raw photograph, she's managed to start doing just that.

The photograph, obtained via Twitter and taken by the geniuses at Shameless Photography, sees Denise recreate Madonna's famous hitchhiking pose from her 1992 'sex' book.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

Madonna was praised for her bold stance in the Steven Meisel image - and now Denise's version has pushed the boundaries even further, forcing us to acknowledge the fact that more than one body type exists in the world.

And that, no matter what size or shape we are, we are beautiful and need to own our bodies, once and for all.

Writing emotionally and eloquently about the experience, Denise said of her decision to pose naked: "It took 33 years for me to see women my size living proudly and unapologetically in their naked bodies. This is unacceptable.

"There are women, people, bodies all over the world raised to believe they are unwanted and invisible. We are not built to be invisible; we are built to be the cast and anchor of desire, no matter our size or makeup."

"Consider this my invitation for you to experience yourself and your beautiful body in that same light and power."

See the uncensored photo on Denise Jolly's website.

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