Woman receives letter from deceased parents…45 years after it was sent

Most of us have complained about the postal service at least once in our lives and usually it’s because a letter or parcel is a day or two late. But how would you react to receiving something 45 years late?


by Jack White |
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That’s what happened to Susan Heifetz, 64, from New York. She received a letter from her parents, who are no longer with her, which was dated 1969.

Susan recieved letters from her loved ones 45 years after they were sent
Susan recieved letters from her loved ones 45 years after they were sent

The letter was delivered to Susan’s former address so the new tenant tracked her down buy telephone.

Susan said: “I said, ‘tell me what’s on the envelope’, at which point he said to me, ‘on the back of the envelope is a lipstick mark’. At that point I started to cry. It was my mother’s thing at the time, to seal with a kiss.”

If that wasn’t enough of a surprise for Susan, she then received two more letters. One from her then boyfriend, dated the same year, who was serving in Vietnam, and a birthday card from her brother which was also sent in 1969.

Susan is taking the late letters as a sign to move closer to her brother in Las Vegas. She didn’t want to leave her parents who are buried nearby her home.

She said: “[The letter] to me was like, ’45 years later we found you, we’re always gonna be with you.’

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