Woman pays £60K to have biggest bum in the world

An American woman has paid huge sums of money in order to give her one of the biggest bums in the world.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Tatiana Williams, of Miami, was so obsessed with having a large derriere, she paid £60,000 to have her natural one enhanced.

Tatiana is proud of her enhanced figure

Williams, who was born a boy called Cory, now has a 60-inch behind, thanks to numerous surgical procedures on the area.

‘When you’re growing up in the south in Miami the women are voluptuous’ explains Tatiana. ‘When you look at the way the men receive the women who are voluptuous, when you start to reconstruct yourself to become that woman, you see these things and you want to emulate that.’

One of Tatiana's from her Twitter page

‘Whatever it took…I was willing to do that,’ said Tatiana, who has undergone procedures with unqualified doctors to achieve her ideal look.

Williams added that when she started her quest for the perfect figure she ‘never wanted to be normal.’ Instead, Tatiana wanted to be so curvaceous that ‘men fall to their feet, period. That’s what I wanted.’

We think for better or worse, you've definitely achieved that outcome, Tatiana.

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