Woman makes soap out of her own breast milk

A woman has started selling soap online, which she makes with her own breast milk.


by Fiona Day |
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A woman in China was unable to get her son to take to breastfeeding.

Knowing all too well the benefits from breast milk, the young mum decided to make bars of soap out of her breast milk and use them to wash her baby son.

After noticing the benefits that the soap was having on her son’s skin she decided to use the redundant milk and make a bit of cash and started to sell the bars of soap online.

You can even get breast milk soap in the shape of Hello Kitty!
You can even get breast milk soap in the shape of Hello Kitty!

To make the ‘breast milk soap’ more attractive, she moulded the bars into shapes of animals and put them for sale on Taobao, China’s answer to eBay and Amazon.

Writing in the online description for the ‘breast milk soap,’ the woman claims that the milky suds can help clear up adult skin and can soothe irritating nappy rash.

It has been widely claimed that using breast milk directly on human skin has healing properties.

Kim Kardashian famously started sneaking sister Kourtney’s breast milk in an episode of the Kardashian family’s reality show.

Kim Kardashian used sister Kourtney's breast milk on her skin

Kim claimed that Kourtney’s breast milk was clearing up her unsightly psoriasis.

Would you ever go as far to make soap out of your breast milk?

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