Woman horrified after man ‘throws semen’ at her on way to work

A woman has claimed that a man threw bodily fluids at her whilst she travelled to work


by Fiona Day |
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A young woman was left shock and ‘repulsed’ after a man assaulted her on the way to work.

Mehak Sabat, who works as a manager at a media company in Mumbai, was travelling to her office when she was stuck at a signal.

As she waited she felt something ‘sticky’ on her leg.

Mehak was disgusted by the attack (Facebook)

It soon occurred to her what the substance was in an appalling moment of realisation.

“I was horrified to find semen sticking to my skin and my immediate reaction was to wipe it off” she explained to Buzzfeed News.

She added: “In the past I have had men peer into the auto and throw water so I thought something similar had happened this time too,”

She later took to Twitter to share her trauma, writing: “What kind of a sick man throws his semen at women?! I don't know if I am more angry or repulsed. Some of you men never fail to disappoint!”

Mehak tried to identify the man who allegedly threw semen at her but the traffic had already surged forward, meaning that she was unable to trace him.

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