VIDEO: Woman left with hole in her nose after using herbal ‘skin cancer’ treatment

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW - not for the squeamish

Woman with a hole in her face

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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A woman has revealed her horrifying wounds after attempting to use a herbal treatment she thought would cure her skin cancer.

Using black salve - an ointment which burns skin tissue - to treat her skin cancer, the anonymous woman was unfortunately left with a huge hole in her nose.

The lady attempted to heal her treatable skin cancer by rubbing black salve on her forehead and nose where her diagnosed basal cell spots were.

Although some people call black salve a cure for cancer, the US Food and Drug Administration have listed it as a ‘fake cancer cure’ and the woman soon found out why after the ointment burned through her nose.

The video of the woman’s story features on the Youtube channel World’s Greatest Medical - Case Studies and since being uploaded in March has received over 3,600,000 views.

You can watch the video here (but we warn you - it's quite graphic!):

The anonymous woman wrote about her experience on an internet forum and at first she said: “My left eye is almost swelled shut”.

She then explained that the big black and green scab was still attached to her nose, but became loose enough to pull away from the skin.

“I could pull the top part away enough to see that my worst fear/outcome is going to be my reality," she said.

The hole in her nose grew extremely big, so much so, she could breathe through it.

Speaking about the aftermath, she said: “I can see my nose cartilage underneath the eschar, and I can even pull air through the top/front area of my nose if I completely clog my nostrils.

“To put it bluntly, there is no skin left under the eschar to regenerate NEW SKIN outward from the center of the eschar pit???!!”

She described her feelings during this horrible experience as “sickened and freaked out” and had to have her nose reconstructed.

Woman with a hole in her face
The woman's reconstructed nose

Dr Erin McMeniman, a dermatologist in Brisbane told Mail Online: "I think black salve is used a lot more commonly than we realise.

"Patients are often quite secretive about where they get it from, but dermatologists often end up seeing cases where there are major complications.

"Most commonly the tumour is not adequately treated and then 12 months later it’s still growing beneath the scar the cancema [black salve] has produced."

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