Woman fires back at newsreader calling women over 11 stone ‘heifers’

Mother of two Courtney Pattison has written an open letter to New Zealand newsreader Rachel Smalley who referred to women over 11 stone as ‘lardos' and 'heifers.’


by Fiona Day |
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The newsreader was caught making the comments when she left he microphone on, leaving many women outraged.

Courtney wrote in the letter: ‘Perhaps Rachel needs to have a conversation with women who she would consider "heifers" so she can really understand from their point of view how difficult it is/can be for us women down here in the real world.’

She continued: ‘I am proud of my body; it created life, twice.’

Rachel referred to other women as 'lardos'
Rachel referred to other women as 'lardos'

‘So what if I have some weight to lose or a few hundred stretch marks. Why does the outside appearance of a woman have to matter so much?’

Courtney went on to fight back at the comments, saying that as long as women are happy then their weight doesn’t matter.

‘I say if women are happy, who cares. And if they're not, don't be a bully, she's likely working on it.’

Rachel later apologised for her comments.

‘I left my microphone on and a conversation meant for off-air, went on-air and the audience only heard one side of that conversation.'

She then added: ‘I'm sorry. It was a genuine mistake.’

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