Woman dying from breast cancer desperately searches for a loving home for her loyal dog

Patricia Cudd, from Colorado, and her dog, Sherlock, are inseperable best friends. But tragically Patricia has stage four breast cancer and has been given just a few months to live.

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Her dying wish is to find her beloved Sherlock a new owner, who will love him as much as she does.

Patricia rescued Sherlock from a shelter a few years ago, and they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin ever since. “He’s taught me to have fun; to go outside, look at the sun and enjoy life. He’s such a great animal!” she said.

Patricia has been given just months to live

After the worst of her chemotherapy sessions, Patricia and Sherlock would curl up together in bed in the small motel room they lived in. ”We once sat side-by-side watching Harry Potter movies for a full day until I felt better.”

Patricia is worried she might have to go into hospice care before she dies, and wants someone to give Sherlock the loving home he deserves before it’s too late. “I want someone else to love him as much as I do because I can’t run with him anymore,” Patricia explained.

Since Patricia and Sherlock’s story broke, hundreds of people have come forward and offered to care for Sherlock. Patricia is now sorting through them, looking for the perfect match for her beloved pooch.

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